Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories

Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories

Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories
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Welcome back everyone – I think good teachers should be praised and rewarded – and there are many of them out there. Sometimes though, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Lets take a look at some real stories about terrible teachers. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories …

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  1. When I was at junior school the head teacher used to spend her days either making face a brick wall, writing lines, locking me in a dark cupboard or beating me with a shoe, I was around 7/8 years old when this happened, I'm 40 now and I can still remember all the crap she put me through………

  2. On my father's first day of high school in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1950s, he said he was not surprised when a student pulled a knife on a teacher.

    What did surprise him is when the teacher pulled out his own knife.

  3. One time I was laughing in class and…….the teacher went right up to my face and screamed"GET OUT!!!!!"


  4. Well I have the worse teacher back in Asia before I move to the glorious motherland Russia I have a terrible teacher he hates me because I am "fat"(I weigh 50kg). Well you know that this is asia and spanking or killing a child is apparently LEGAL . Well my teacher spanks me for no reason in the arse even with two SHARP sticks I would rather get shot than be at that teacher class. He is the reason why my first 2 years of primary schools are SH*T. Plus droppingout of school in Asia is really hard especially when a kid is 7.

  5. I didn't have a teacher per say but it was the principal the school had.
    A few kids from the area I grew up in lived in government housing and the principal would poke fun at it when he came into the room. He would talk about bringing the school away on trips but knowing how some kids parents can't afford to own a home they can't afford to go. If something broke the kids from that area were blamed, he would take books we owned and gave them to other students saying we stole them. One day he came into the room I was in and picked up a boy by the back of his jumper and told him he was a disgrace to the school and he then came to me and told me that I'd make a living on my back as I'm not smart enough to get a real job. He told my very disabled sister that she has to go outside and do exercise and that she can't hide away inside all day (note my sister has had multiple operations at this time to stop bleedings on her head and even banging her head lightly involved her being rushed to hospital)
    He just hated us for the housing area we lived in because he thought we were poor.
    I still hate him to this day and I will spit on his grave when he dies

  6. Grade 1, we had the librarian lose her stuff and swore at the entire class full of kids. Fast forward to grade 10 through 12, i terrorized my poor art teacher almost every single day, usually hiding his chair or harmless things like that, I had one of the highest marks sadly but I was obsessed with terrorizing the poor guy in all forms, just enough to get him frustrated but not enough to get sent to the office or have my parents called.

  7. When i was in the 9th grade "Freshman year in high school" my science teacher use to always personally pick on me. I remember taking a test and a girl next to me copied my paper she got an "A" and i got an "F" I failed that class and had to retake it in summer school unfortunately she was the teacher. I stood up in the class and told her i gave up i know she's going to failed me and I walked out. I end up passing with a "C" without attending her class. Her name was Ms. Beamer.

  8. I've hated my 1st grade teacher, who I've forgotten the name of at this point, ever since this one day she decided it was okay to pull me by the ear and stick me in a corner for not knowing the answer to a math question.

  9. In the late 80's or early 90's, my friend once had a philosophy professor who said if you write a pro-life paper, you will get an F. Some professors choose to attack some individuals personal beliefs or values that are found to be shocking. That professor wanted all of his students to stay on one side which is the pro choice side & abortion is a very controversial topic.

  10. Actually i have one who just hates me for nothing and i was one of the playful but quite students in class but i always get detention just because i "tell jokes" in front of her which are far from offensive to anyone but still claims to fail me in the subject she teaches when mine are better than most of the other students.

    I actually hope she would quit her job at this school

  11. I had a kindergarten teacher who continuously believed my classmates when they told her I broke their erasers. Which was a complete and absolute lie. She made a big spectacle of punishing me and placed me in the corner for hours on end and sent notes home with me that had to be signed by one of parents and returned to her the next day. This went on for a week (much to the delight of my classmates) and the only thing that saved me was a severe case of chickenpox. While I was out of school somehow magically I was still breaking erasers and being accused of doing so. Even when she caught several of my classmates lying about me doing this it took her three days to finally announce the next eraser I broke not only was I going to be punished by her but they would be too. She never apologized to me. She never sent a note home with me to explain to my parents what really was going on and the continued punishments on her part were unjust and that she was sorry. She never punished the class or even made them apologize to me and because she failed to properly handle the situation my classmates believed their behavior was acceptable and I was bullied relentlessly. Finally in 8th grade I started standing up for myself and when I got to high school and became friends with upperclassmen the bullying stopped. All because some teachers was incapable of admitting her mistakes.

  12. I went to school when they could hit you. The teachers and Principal would backhand you. hit you with a spanking board. It did no good what so ever, just made us mean like them.

  13. my 4th grade teach was the meanest witch ever, I was a special ed kid which she seemed to hate, she would extremely hard on all the special ed kids, she seemed have it out for and I never knew why, she would put me in recess dentation almost everyday for no reason, when I was in special ed class, my classmates would steal all my school supplies out of my deck, which somehow that witch of a teacher never saw them do, I never had any pencils, paper, crayons, etc, at one point I had to use special paper to help me learn to wright smaller and since the other kids were stealing it, the principal told my teacher to keep my paper in her deck, which I had to ask for when I needed it, one day when I asked her for the paper, she said there wasn't any left (which couldn't be true because I had just got two more packs of it), one day I walk passed her deck and saw a folder with my name on it, I made sure no one was looking and opened it and sure enough there was all my paper, which the evil witch claimed there was no more of, there's a lot more things that she did, but I don't to get into it because, I'm going to start crying if I keep talking about these memories 🙁