Top 10 Scary Things Found By Police
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Hello guys, today we’re joining the police on their day to day job. The police are supposed to enforce the law, serve and protect, and keep us all safe. In doing this though, they sometimes find things that they didn’t sign up for. Sometimes their discoveries are so creepy and disturbing that the stories never reach us. But today that’s gonna change with this video. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Things Found By Police.


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  1. The case of vallecas has inspired a spanish movie called "VERONICA"…..People were so scared that some of them couldnt even finish the movie…………………It has been dubbed as one of the scariest movie ever……….Recommend pople to watch………..

  2. SERIOUSLY people!!! Do not text/talk on your cell phone while driving!!! The comversation can wait…it is definetely not worth your life and/or possibly someone else's life!!!!

  3. Number 9 is easy to explain. The reason why the police dispatcher got calls from the house without electricity, is because it did have electricity. Hear me out, the electricity bill may not have been paid in a while, but the company can't turn it off if the user has a medical disorder and needs electricity in the hot summer months. Why the static? Your guess is as good as mine.

  4. For the Witch guy I going with CO poisoning. It could be a long time coming but on small doses only until he locked himself in the bathroom with low ventilation and candles to make it worse.

  5. Just so you know landline phones have their own power, so unless a whole section of the power grid is down a phone will still function . And as a side note here in the States even if you don't pay your phone bill on your landline and the service is disconnected, you can still dial 911.