Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Ice

Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Ice

Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Ice
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary things found frozen in ice. Ice has the ability to preserve things in time – which means when they are found, it is hard to know exactly how long they have been there and under what circumstances they were left, making it all the more eerie.

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15 Strange Things Mysteriously Found Frozen In Ice

The Creepiest Things Ever Discovered Frozen in Ice

15 Strange Things Mysteriously Found Frozen In Ice

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  2. Very cool! My senior presentation was about the possible consequences of the thawing permafrost & other losses of ice; I was specifically very intrigued & inspired by the story about the young boy discovering anthrax in a decaying & thawing reindeer. Alongside anti-vaxxers, I would venture to say that itโ€™s a massive threat to humanity, maybe even one of the biggest, because we have virtually zero ways to know whatโ€™s waiting under the ice & canโ€™t prepare to contain any threats.

  3. In that dress you look like you belong on the red carpet being photographed for all the top magazines! There could be a plague hidden frozen that there's no cure for and that spreads like wild fire, no one truly knows what was all made dormant with the ice age intriguing but horrifying !

  4. I will Bury a time capsule with top10 videos in ice, incuded with a tutorial on how to build a computer, if an apocalypse wipes out the existence of computers in the future.