Top 10 Scary Toronto Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we’re talking all about my adopted home….Toronto, the North, the 6ix…home of the Toronto Blue Jays, The Maple Leafs, the CN Tower, Smokes Poutine, The Wkend, Drake ….Champagne Papi himself. Not only is Toronto the home of all these gems, it is also home to a wealth of urban legends. Stay tuned as I bring you the Top 10 Toronto Urban Legends!
Before we roll into this, I want to hear what city you are from and whether or not your home has some creepy legends? Also, If you wanna hit that thumbs up button, we would really enjoy that. If you want to connect with me on social media, my links are in the description box!


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  1. I was hoping Danny was going to run this video. I really dislike this chick. its not for sexiest reasons. you know when you hear someone talk and you want them to instantly shut up. lol she's one of them. Danny please redo her videos. I skip every video that shes on. my likes go to you Danny. Rebecca blows….She tries to hard lol like a clingy ex girlfriend.

  2. I live in Michigan and I've heard some urban legends from fort michilimacinac. I also know of a urban legend from Indiana. Its about the Dewey house ( which is 2 houses down from my friends house).

  3. 😲 I googled it and I have a urban legend in my state North Dakota when I saw the name of it I freaked out it was called the gate of H E L L it’s about a church that if you went to you would here the screaming and pain up in hell and you may see tombstones glowing at night but lucky it’s not a urban legend anymore because they burned the church down

  4. So a Canadian monster is about to kill someone then he realizes he is Canadian and when the person is about to get killed the Canadian monster says sorry then gives the citizen a jug of maple syrup and then the Canadian monster realizes he is not being a good Canadian and then he transforms into a moose because monster's aren't cool and in the end the monster turned into a moose. Why? i don't know as a Canadian I like to make fun of the stereotypes but at the same time during the winter I grab a Popsicle stick and poor maple syrup on snow then using the Popsicle stick then eat it. So……

  5. @Rebecca Felgate with number 1 he was trying to prove the glass of sky scrapers would not break and he had done the trick multiple times and sure enough the glass did not break but instead it popped out of its frame and then smashed on impact as it hit the ground

  6. In Thailand (the place i live) has alot of urban legends.But there is alot….1 of them is..called the…the the prade? The prade? Is that how you pronouce it? Anyways it is a long scary beast that lurks in the deepest parts of hell…they have big hands.small mouth etc…that is it its scary me so much im secretly singing "spooky scary skeletons! That shiver down your spine!"

  7. OK, ok listen, I live down the street of old finch road and I always hear someone, like a faint "hello" have I seen anyone
    at the side, NO but i think i have seen someones LONG and i mean long, hair swift across the entrance of the forest like the person was on one side and the end of the hair was on the other. CONCLUSION: do i believe in ghosts, no they were something made up in the something hundreds to scare people

  8. (This isn’t a state or town legend but it happens to my family) when I has about 4-5 me and my sister would see these shadow people out the window they where about 9 feet tall and at night we would hear what sounded like a little boy laughing or stomping in the halls and the day we said we were moving out all the windows in mine and my sister room just spontaneously broke at the same time. Years later me and my dad will go buy the house and it’s all run down no one has even tried to buy it.