Top 10 Scary ZOO Stories

Top 10 Scary ZOO Stories

Top 10 Scary ZOO Stories
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I think there’s something special about seeing a lion in real life or a tiger or penguins or any of these creatures you really only see on animal planet. Zoos can be fun, they can be cruel, they can be the source of many memes RIP Harambe. All in all the zoo is always a time and a half. Although no i 100% do not condone caging wild animals but i do accept sometimes they have a better chance of survival in captivity than they do outside. PSA finished. Sorry i couldn’t not say it. And just to preface this most of the animals on this list attacked because people were in places they shouldn’t have been and usually animals are y’know not aggressive most of the time unless provoked. So yeah. Lets get into this im excited about this one, this is the top 10 Scary Zoo Stories.

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  1. Who told her opening a video with "what is gucci" was ok? it automatically removes any relatability for anyone not an 18 year old North American college kid try hard, which i very much doubt is the demographic these videos are supposed to speak too. Putting people off watching a video in the first 15 seconds smells like channel suicide to me

  2. I'm really surprised the incident in pittsburgh zoo wasn't mentioned. A lady dropped her toddler off a viewing platform by accident, and let's just say we no longer have african painted dogs.

  3. Do they not have a.child safety feature for Windows I'm cars so they stay up or is that just for the lock on the door? And why not shoot the animals with a heavy dose of sleeping drugs and take them somewhere safe.

  4. "What is Gucci"
    Please do never say that again I had to turn off the video because it was so cringy and anticlimatic to start a video about "Scary" stuff like this.
    Sorry I generally enjoy the videos but I can't deal with this opening phrase to be honest.

  5. I almost didn't watch this video because of that whole Gucci thing, thankfully I had to power through it and almost died laughing at the orangutan masturbating with a baby duck πŸ˜‚

  6. πŸ˜’πŸ™Where r Becca, Danny, Landon???? I have tried 2 bite my tongue and roll with the flow but I Can't hold it No Longer πŸ˜•. I really tried 2 like her but she really just DON'T do it 4 me😣!! I dont like change, especially when I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the original hosts. It's Nothing personal but please bring them back, I'm more than positive that they can find her something else besides This Channel 2 doπŸ˜‘πŸ˜―πŸ˜’πŸ˜­