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Tropical Storm Dorian strengthens to a hurricane

Tropical Storm Dorian strengthens to a hurricane

Tropical Storm Dorian has strengthened to a hurricane. This comes after President Trump approved an emergency declaration for Puerto Rico. The National Hurricane Center said the storm is picking up speed near the U.S. Virgin Islands, and could hit Florida as a Category Three storm early next week. Dorian is expected to make landfall in Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon, and is expected to bring strong winds, heavy rain and possible life-threatening floods. One America’s Emerald Robinson has more on the president’s efforts to help the territory from the White House.

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  2. Oh shit!…. another trillion will be needed to enrich their politicians. I say we ship several cargo containers of guns so the people can rid themselves of government parasites.

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  6. PR didn't want to be a part of the United States to avoid paying Federal Taxes. Now all we do is bail their ass out and they never put anything back in the pot. We don't need this ragged, broken island. Let's dump them. All we get from PR is entitled lip.

  7. Isn't she the one that withheld the last aid trump gave her in a hangar and said he didn't help? Electrical infrastructure that wasn't maintained because her government was wasting money and abusing the taxpayers.

  8. After two years and billions of dollars they can’t withstand 50/60mph winds where hurricanes happen all the time! That would be like New York not having any snow plows! We get winds that strong in Tennessee!

  9. Little Mayor – Short Bus- who stood in front of dozens of pallets of water from US, after Maria in 2017, im sure cant wait to get her grubby greedy fingers of some cold gringo cash again— what a mess down there