Trump and Kim Weren't Prepared for Second Summit, Sam Nunn Says

Mar.04 — Sam Nunn, Nuclear Threat Initiative co-chairman and former U.S. Senator from Georgia, comments on President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. He speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power.”

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  1. "N. Korean Kim is in desperate situation politically and economically.
    He tried pull fast one on Trump but got caught.
    N. Korea has more Nuclear facilities in underground which they did not
    included in the deal.
    The spy settle lite "Key Hole" has enough evidences. They have 2 or more
    faicities has 5 or 6 times more capacity to produce Nuc.
    The one facility Yungbyun in the deal is merely rusted steal junk yards.
    Kim will never give up Nuc. which is generational goal and achievement.
    There are very complicated facts surrounding countries including China,
    Russia, Japan and S. Korea. Think of duplicated picture of Venezuela and
    later Iran.
    We should have concerns the Kim selling Nucs. to other unstable
    socialist counties if we don't get hold of this critical matter which
    other presidents failed to do so for many decades.

  2. It can be believed that US leader goes lukewarm at this second summit BUT not the Korean leader!! Just know the different characteristics of these leaders and the status of the nations these several decades! America desires glory and N. Korea desires stability. American administration is concerned with its interest and security in diplomatic relationship and often fooling others with LIES and DECEITS – BUT NOT N. KOREA!!
    M – A – G – A =
    This is how AMERICA will be in years to come!!!

  3. I think Kim just did what his representative did before; not meet the minimum requirements for deal. Its happened often to past administrations. Has nothing to do with Any hearings as they are always going on now days; just attempt to steal news cycle by House democrats.

  4. A second summit talks were held between US President Donald Trump and North Korea Chairman Kim Jong Un on 27 February 2019 at Hanoi. The Summit failed to strike a deal. Now news reports appeared on 4 March 2019 say that in the opinion of Trump , Cohen hearing may have contributed to North Korea Summit failure. That can be interpreted to mean that domestic politics is being seen as a contributing factor to the failure. In this connection , this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts of 1 October , 2018 through article – “ Astrological probable alerts for the US” – published last year on 1 November 2018 in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine at are relevant. The related text in the article reads as follows : –

    “ Predictive Conclusions. January – February. It may be alright to go slow , if political expediency so permits , while dealing with well known ambitious nation or nations in January -February in 2019. Some worrisome concern , which can relate to domestic politics in the US or from allies , may surface”. It may be observed from the said predictive article of 1 October 2018 referred to here that March has not be commented upon suggesting that it is not substantially much different from January -February. But April – May have been predicted to be different with chances of success in more than one matter for the US. So it can be expected that April -May in 2019 may bring something positive if the parties renew the effort. This writer had also made predictions for some countries through article “ World Predictions 2019” which were brought to public domain in November and December 2018. Among other countries , North Korea and some American countries were also covered. It was predicted that first three months of 2019 , more so February -March , look to be calling for more care and appropriate strategy about political concerns of the country. So on the whole , April and after in 2019 looks to be the period of time when things can look up if effort is renewed.

  5. Can the old geezer get any more biased Modi wants no Peace. Detect a sovereign Nation is unacceptable what India has to realize is there not the United States. Khan has reached out to Modu numerous times to talk.