Trump Calls Schiff a 'Low-Life' Who Should Resign

Oct.02 — President Donald Trump speaks with reporters at the White House about the impeachment inquiry into his interactions with Ukraine’s president.

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  1. Dumbo crat dream team 

    Nancy  allowed Nadler  to run one of the impeachment committees but  he failed so miserably they laughed at him so Nancy  let Shifty  run  the second impeachment   committee meeting  and he  also become an abject failure with 2 whistle blowers after the transcript came out  and then went behind closed doors to interview  the  ambassador ??

    Th dumbo crats are destroying  them self and the country with their Crearated Constitutional Crisis and they don’t get it ???Nancy is a failure  as this is all her  judgement / leadership ??? 

    John Brennan  has a casting call for more whistle blowers  – all  legal  fees  paid for ??

  2. Now, see – as I do recall, Trump enjoyed saying "You're Fired!" on the 'Apprentice.' It is quite apparent that Trump is being FIRED from the WH and there is no television script to follow!

  3. Really you want the democrat's to give up what little leverage they habe all the dirty shit they have on him get the F.K. out of here that's like giving the prisoner's the keys to all th cell block's , the psycho running the asylum TIK,TIK⏲️

  4. All this dipshit need do is look into a mirror (if he can even stand to do so).
    Anyway — please do continue Tweeting and melting down in public you fucking twit.
    When this is all over, the impeachment committee should send you flowers for doing their job for them!!

  5. What congress should do, is subpeona Schiff and ask him under oath whether he heard Trump says the thing he said trump said, and if not did he in fact say that Trump said them. If he answers no or yes, he should be prosecuted for lying to congress. Get him under oath for what he said.

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