Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser

Sep.10 — President Donald Trump said he fired National Security Adviser John Bolton Tuesday because he “disagreed strongly” with many of his positions. Bloomberg’s Bill Faries reports on “Balance of Power.”

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  1. Hey Trump. You make a Serious mistake.We Vietnamese Love Bolton.only He , you and pompeo, mark esper..can make China bankrupt and disappear from east sea.
    Please keep Bolton

  2. John Bolton … The thing is who you are working with? Then why not doing the job?? Why fight back to your boss?? President Trump he wanted to use to his advantage during negotiations, but John Bolton is not a team player!! He must show his respect, he not get along it’s not work out well, he need to be nice & honest with the President, not to argue and thinking you are the big boss!! A lot of idiots scumbag they use to broke the law…Russia…Russia…Impeach…Impeach…No wonder so many people are always so stupid keep break he law against President Trump for 3 years from now!! Drain the swamp!!

  3. Well today I am still very happy with my decision to vote
    for Mr. Trump

    Actually voting for him once again in 2020

    Look We have a wonderful American economy

    Manufacturing JOBS returning

    Lowest Black un employment in our history

    NO Wars

    Securing our border

    Arresting criminals again

    Lowering Working Americans Taxation

    Re structuring and building up our US Military again

    Cutting back on abortions of the utter innocence

    Standing up for Our US Constitution

    Standing up for OUR country

    America First

    The Leftist Democrats certainly haven’t anything to offer actual
    Working Americans who aren’t seeking a hand out




  4. Unlike Obama keep many useless and stupid cabinets for so long ..
    .. just to make him look good
    …. like Clapper , Brennan ….
    … and Comey , McCabe, Strzok , and many others crooked which got fired ❌

  5. Faked News media always talk bad whatever Trump do or didn't do
    ❇ Here again … Trump has more cabinet change than any POTUS
    ♦ So what , Trump want the best for the country
    He will get rid of none productive workers just like an CEO would do

  6. When you take a job you should know what the POTUS way
    ❇ If you don't like POTUS way, then don't take the job
    ♦ But if you think you gonna change him to do your way
    …. mean you're a fool 👎 ❌ Get Out ❌

  7. John Bolton's job was to represent the President abroad. All foreign policy was predetermined. There is a protocol to followed on Foreign Policy decisions, & Bolton was not the only advicor on all issues pointed out (he was ONE of them). A President's representative needs to be a member of the choir, & if the President is not being properly represented, he has the right to get someone who does.