Trump Pushes Trade Team for a Deal With China

Mar.06 — President Trump is said to be pushing his trade team to strike a swift deal with China, to boost the stock market and give him a lift ahead of his re-election campaign. Bloomberg’s Derek Wallbank reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. Today China becomes the most arrogant country in the world. Chinese has no other argument but compares itself to the US And demonizes US instead of replying with legitimate answer. I am Chinese but ran away from China and I want to uncover the real face of China. There are lot of Fake comments and profile all over the internet from communist puppets. Never believe what China says but what China does. Ccp governs in a style of fake data, slogan, cheats investor. You get the essence of their faking patterns. You are a great man to talk about loudly which is not allowed anywhere else ccp are evil. China blocks youtube and foreign social media. People need VPN in China to watch this video. No international law authorizes China to block foreign social media, China blocks everything they want without any reason but giving advantages to their own companies and medias and blame other countries when they do the same. Many dictators sit at UN like China.

  2. US Military has the biggest budget in the world, 3 times more than that of China’s. USA is the biggest war mongor. USA started close to 30 wars against small and weak countries ever since WW2. USA bought millions and millions of refugees and death to these countries. USA also illegally kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and 5G technology.

  3. Trump’s bullying tactics simply didn’t work with China, he started to realize that a prolonged trade war with China will only jeopardize his chance to win the next presidency.

  4. Trump's trade war caused thousands of stores to close in America and the demise of major shopping malls and the loss of so many jobs it's unbelievable along with the highest amount bankruptcies under his trade war with inflation souring.

  5. If US is winning and China is losing the trade war , President Trump do need desperately to get the deal done…Why should the American talk to the Chinese if they were winning ?? By the way looking at the actions of both countries it seen that US is more desperate and the China is taking their time to get the deal finalized ..Trade War will not only hurt the 2 biggest economies and as well as the rest of the world , However it will harm US more in long term than China because the Chinese already changing their coast toward more on innovations in high technology industrial like building infrastructure ,AI and E-commence ….Leaving the manufactures of cheap labor low end products to the rest like Vietnam ,Cambodia , Indonesia, India and etc ..

  6. Let me get it straight, Trump put a sanction on China and now "Trump Pushes Trade Team for a Deal With China"? Trump attacked Huawei and now "Trump Pushes Trade Team for a Deal With China"?

  7. Trump proposed if China breaches any agreement, America can panelize China by increase tariff, while China has no rights to retaliate against American action in any way! Sure! China won't accept this deal! Trump doesn't trust China going to carry out her obligation diligently and contractually! All or nothing! Deals are completely favour to American or else both down the sea (25% tariff) to see who drain last!

  8. tRump and Xi are both getting desperate. tRump needs a deal for election bragging, Xi's economy is on a downslide. tRump also wants a deal before the Huawei cfo is extradited to the US. Both China and the US are extremely satisfied to blame Canada 100% and both are sanctioning/punishing Canada. Once that trade deal is signed, you can safely call China the new lapdog of the US.

  9. Trump is an abomination of a husband president and negotiator.
    He's a con man gangster extortionist terrorist in that order.
    Abominable ungodly administration.
    He'll kill us ALL!

  10. About five or six decades ago they started the slogan buy American for a reason, now Trump is trying to fix the problem but the Russian collaborators (dems and leftist) are dead set on running him into the ground, I always buy American and I always tell others to do so. People don't realize that for every product that is foreign made they buy that an American lob is lost, that sounds extreme but it basically is true. Stores like Walmart sell almost no American goods and look how they treat their employees, not to mention there are no full time workers. People need to think about their own country a little more and step back and look at the big picture.

  11. Only trump can go so far yet so wrong…. Now it seem like trump starting to realize the trade deal are hurting US economy in a very bad to worse… Peter Navarro knew shit about trade.. No body win in tarriff war. Trump have the best poeple trump hired. Trump pick for those who will support him weather he is wrong nor corrupt… If u are up for it… Then he will hire you… Cos that come with lying. Cheating. Corrupting and total Loyalty to him ever it mean again the truth and killing for him. Trump is shameless. Moraless. Ignerous. hypocrite. Deprorable. Human waste… Trump never work for America nor American… Nor the spirit and the value. Thr law need to hang trump… Not once but twice to dead…. Dead…. Dead. Of cos that come with discount his family. Congressmans and senetors.. America hang them for free…Mitch McConnelll is the oldest and metal sickest. Over the senete…. People off the HK e America we need to vote him out. Period.

  12. He WANTS trade deal in his liking, fulfilling his long-dead dream "MAGA" and, of course, getting the second term of office. He presumes the Chinese are weak minded and CHINA is a "ball" to kick around!! He is just playing STUPID! He is still lives in his dark cave and his mentality is stagnant and, like most Americans, he hardly accepts the changing world not going the American WAYS!!!
    WHY?? M A G A. =