Trump Revokes Washington Post’s Press Credentials

June 13 — Barry Bennett, senior advisor to the Donald Trump campaign, and Republican strategist Mary Matalin react to Donald Trump’s decision to ban Washington Post reporters from his campaign events on “With All Due Respect.”

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. If the entirety of the media was not a cross between gawker, buzzfeed and tumbler using the fox news business model maybe someone would give a shit about press restrictions. As it stands there is no news these days, just a nonstop feed of massaged, directed editorializing. Tin foil hat youtubers have more journalistic integrity than any traditional "news" outlet. You made your bed now you can enjoy sleeping in it.

  2. Can Mary Matalin Carver become any more irrelevant then she already is? Obama is famous for restricting access to media and no one says "Boo".. The great thing about Trump is he's forcing all of these Hypocrites into the light were their lies become obvious.

  3. "I guess 'Off Message' is 'On Message' for this campaign? This is as close as the she'll get to criticizing an obviously mentally deranged candidate, I guess.

    And if this is something thats been done before, as she liked to repeat over and over, then I am going to announce my candidacy for president and Fox Pravda will not be allowed credentials. If they write a story about me, positive OR negative, I will sue them.

    If its ok for Deadbeat Donald to do, its ok for the other guy to do as well. The right just never seems to understand that.

  4. Good for him!! Teach the lying bastards a lesson.Obama banned Dallas Morning News, Washington Times and New York Post from his events back in 2008……… NOT A WORD FROM THE MEDIA!!! Hypocrite bastards.

  5. If Hillary wanted to kick out the Wall Street Journal, OK. Watching these talking heads seeing their influence crumble before their eyes is a very entertaining process to behold.

  6. It's not a Rather/Browkaw/Jennings world anymore. Information is everywhere and freely available. So when the Times deliberately LIES about what a candidate said, that candidate now has the flexibility to hold the paper to account.