Sep.20 — President Trump is said to be denying exemptions for the latest round of tariffs on $200B worth of Chinese goods. The White House is saying it has given companies enough time to adjust their supply chains away from China. Bloomberg’s Enda Curran reports on “Bloomberg Markets: China Open.”

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  1. Smart move, Navarro. You just saved Apple from the Chinese government's export taxes, so they can be destroyed by US import taxes instead. You the man, Peter!
    Love that bloody knife on the cover of your brilliant book of the policies you're implementing now. But you didn't tell us whose blood you were planning on spilling once you, at last after many false starts, got into power.

  2. Time to move a factory under threat? By Jan 1, 2019 any factory can be moved out. Break it down, box up the machines, move it out. Train rice paddy farmers somewhere else how to run the equipment.

  3. "We are continuing to reform. We are opening our markets to the world.." I stopped there, the vomit got too deep to breathe. This pathological liar has mental health trouble. If rice farmer Chinese imbeciles can run a factory, any third world country can run that factory, box it up and ship it somewhere else.

  4. Many American including retarded Trump , Peter Navarro ,Larry Kudlow and Gordon Chang don't understand shifting their supply chain away from China can be more problematic ….China will not fight a war if they think they can't win.. Trump will before midterm..