Trump Sees Good Chance of Making 'Biggest Trade Deal Ever' With China

Oct.04 — President Donald Trump speaks with reporters on the White House lawn about the state of U.S. trade relations with China.

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  1. The greatest deal maker will get this done despite the most ridiculous attack's by the do nothing Dems, fake news mainstream media, deep state bad actors, and even jackass Republican hacks like rest in pieces John sing like a bird McCain to Jeff Flake to an abstract failure Mitt Romney. Exactly why President Trump is the strongest and most dedicated U.S. President ever and will absolutely crush whatever ass-wipe the Dems prop up.

  2. Blah blah blah blah says trump. Solving the crisis you started is NO accomplishment
    IRAN is a complete failure
    N. Korea and Iran will have nukes any day that can make it to America.

    Real good job

  3. I honestly believe that he will make the stock market double and will not announce it until the next election, this is the greatest president in the history of the US and I am so glad that I'm working healthy my family is healthy and we have all invested in 401k, this is making America greater than it has ever been, congratulations America and God bless all of you

  4. Giuliani is a Russian's agent, he put this shit idea in Trump's head. Trump knew that he will get re-elect if he keeps the China trade deal under his control. He doesn't have to do any stupid thing like asking Ukrain a favor. Now his President['s library will have a full of "shit" for history to remember him as "con-man".