Trump Warns Against Concessions to North Korea

Jan.30 — President Donald Trump comments on the threat from North Korea during his first State of the Union address to Congress.

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  1. Trump "inherited" a mess? NK could not even "make a missile fly~", when Obama was leaving the Oval Office.

    Plus, back when Obama was in the office, NK's nuke was an old-style nuke like in India & Pakistan ( not the "thermo" nuke like in Russia & China ).

    While Trump's been yelling & tweeting like a woman for 13 months & counting, now NK's ICBMs can reach our East Coast, mount "multiple" & "thermo" nuclear warheads, survive re-entry in every test, and "fall on the same spot each time" although higher altitude & longer flight time each time.

    Trump's loud mouth, no action, & tiny fingers ( the most egregious of them all ), turned a Kenya into a Russia.

    All news media, even the war-mongering Fox, admitted that our missile defense system can intercept barely 50%. And ours is the most sophisticated system that mankind can possibly ever produce.

  2. North Korea will lose they knew it, but they don’t see back without lost western white English people in the world. Believe it , if you striking those honest country.