Trump's Dealings With Banks and Insurers Under Scrutiny

Mar.07 — Authorities at the state and federal level are scrutinizing President Donald Trump’s dealings with insurers and banks over the years. Bloomberg Opinion columnist Tim O’Brien has more on “Bloomberg Markets: European Close.” O’Brien’s opinions are his own.

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  1. It won't take long for investigators to have a TON of claims of all kinds Trump will have to account for. We're going to hear more wailing than dinner time at the dog pound.

  2. SDNY should have investigated Drumpf decades ago. There were signs of his illicit business practices that went through courts, and complaints from renters, business, and other entities. Why didn't it trigger SDNY's radar? I find it irresponsible that the insurance company paid a claim of no damage. The rest of us couldn't obtain insurance funds without demonstration of damage.

  3. What a surprise. tRump lied about his insurance claim.
    I love the English language, because you can generally hear one word and automatically link it with another. Weather / Forecast; Thunder / Storm; Motor / Vehicle…
    Investigation / tRump; Lies / tRump; Con-man / tRump; Fraud / tRump; Dementia / tRump; Cult / tRump; Rip-off / tRump; Fraud / tRump.
    What a sad statement of intelligence that America has this as their president. There he is representing America, and the world thinks he is representative of all Americans.

  4. he has the best banks and insurers…..believe me….everyone has been saying how great his banks and insurers are… he has banks and insurers that are the best banks and insurers and it has nothing to do with Russia

  5. Trump is doing all this shit in front of the Republicans faces and they do nothing.i bet trump is making his pocket very fat under the table. Right in front of the no balls Republican.

  6. This cheap con man is cursing the day he overreached and ran for the presidency. His corrupt to the bones life will now be dissected and he and his thieving white trash family will end up in jail.
    Then America can finally take care of his base, aka the Deplorable, once and for all. They are the greatest danger to America and humanity itself.

  7. Fake news and Russian collaborators (dems and leftist) and all the ignorant sheeple. The was damage to Mar a logo Trump had them work on it as soon as possible. Next these idiots will say that he faked the Hurricane ( it was Katrina) .

  8. Will Trump be the first president to leave the White House in cuffs. I have a feeling the cuffs will be handed out just like those pens everyone loves to get their hands on…

  9. WTF Insurers paid out for storm damage to his property without first making their own assessment of damage and costings……I must get Trump to tell me how you get that done, I can feel a few damned expensive insurance claims coming up !

  10. How stupid do you have to be to be a criminal your entire life and then let your ego force you to run for the Presidency in order to get even with a sitting President who mocked you at a dinner, only to have your entire life, and your children's lives, held up to the most extreme scrutiny possible? Dumbass. Impeach him just for being a dumbass, the criminality and psychopathy are almost secondary.