Trump’s Sour Comedy Routine Draws Boos at Al Smith Dinner

Oct. 20 — After lighting up the crowd at the Al Smith Dinner in New York with some early barbs at Hillary Clinton’s expense, Donald Trump’s routine got more biting. “Here she is in public pretending not to hate Catholics,” he said to some boos from the crowd.

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  1. it's funny that we never see trump being supportive or uplifting. I grant you that i have not seen everything he has ever said in front of a camera, but I am following pretty closely, and all I see is negativity, shit talk, and lies. Ideological arguments aside, I do not believe history will not treat this man any more kindly than trump has treated ANYBODY in this campaign.

  2. are you people retarded , yes he's mean BUT HELLOW YOU SHEEP DUMB AMERICANS, HE MAKES TOTAL SENCE. there's a reason why the American agenda has been fooling you people for a while because your dumb as sheeps and you will loose your life and not ask any questions because the USA is fuelled by war and robbery and your the ones who ends up loosing there life. LISTEN TO TRUMP HE MAKES SENSE. HILLARY HAS A CRIMINAL RECORD AND DELETED THOSE EMAILS WHO THE HELL KNEW WHAT WAS IN THEM