U.K. Faces Key Brexit Vote Tuesday

Mar.11 — U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May enters a big week for Brexit with her bill expected to fail and reports that her cabinet has turned against her. She’s sent senior colleagues to meet conservative lawmakers to persuade them to back her on Tuesday or risk a no deal divorce. Bloomberg’s David Finnerty reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East.”

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  1. In opinion I think we shouldn't leave the E.u as life would be really difficult if we did there would be higher prices for everything and most certainly people (mostly farmers) are only voting to leave because of sme stupid growing factor or jobs!

  2. In the evening i have canceled our vacation in great Britain. We had planed to spent 4 weeks with our Mobilhome. Sorry. First England has to find the right way for the country.
    Now we will drive to sweden and norway.
    Ich hope your country will find a good political solution for twist terrible Situation. We are very sad.

  3. So.. Pro Brexit:s basically want to have it both ways? Leave EU but still maintain how it is. Open borders and not paying dues?

    I’ll give it 2-3 years and then you’ll beg to get applied again.

    I feel fucking terrible for you who wants to remain in EU.

  4. If Britain does not get a no deal brexit .there will be civil unrest riots violence in Britain .the world will see.the liars in government and politicians .have opened a Pandora’s box which may never be closed .vote ukip

  5. This is not a key vote, it's a rerun of the vote a few weeks back, where TM's awful surrender document was voted down by a record margin. Nothing has changed, why would they vote for a shit sandwich?

  6. To be frank, Europe is going to be a lot better off without Britain. For too long the Brits have tried to undermine the political project of a unified Europe. They only pretended to be part of the EU.

  7. The electorate do not care about the pound against the dollar. The issue is for a no deal Brexit once this decision is made the pound will find its own level. Surely democracy is more important.

  8. Turkeys never vote for Christmas, but they still end up in the roasting dish. If they don't leave their cosy overpaid bureaucratic gravytrain there will be hell to pay.

  9. We are watching what happens when intelligence left a country.The downfall of a former great nation!
    Nationalism never worked in history.Not one time.
    They will learn it the hard way.

  10. What a bloody mess we have been put in by civil servants BBC our useless governments and the scamming EU..not to forget a lying gutless prime minister with her own agenda backed by EU
    Now where does that lead the electorate who was given the referendum vote to decide leave or remain …with leave winning the vote