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U.K. to Leave EU Without Withdrawal Agreement, Ex-Tory Leader Says

U.K. to Leave EU Without Withdrawal Agreement, Ex-Tory Leader Says

Mar.05 — Iain Duncan-Smith, a U.K. Conservative lawmaker and former party leader, discusses his view that Britain is set to leave the European Union without a withdrawal agreement. “That’s not the same as saying we won’t leave with a deal,” he said in an interview on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

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  1. really we all know UK is staying why are people still talking about brexit its done the government doesnt want to leave , doom and gloom is staying in the EU, give it a rest who thinks that UK is leaving, no one, democracy is finished in the UK you will see they sweep it under the rug the vote doesnt mean shit, UK IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE BUT IN fuck the EU

  2. Just get us out on WTO rules and forget about any deal, enoughs enough of all this political infighting now just do what both party's promised to do I'm sure we can manage quite well on our own as we did before we joined this Rediculous organisation where we have to pay billions for the privilege of free trade, there's nothing free about it we might as well pay import tax it will probably be cheaper and we can choose who we trade with without the EUs permission and end up better off, all this protectionist EU bullshit has gone on long enough and we want none of it.

  3. He’s still a scumbag regardless, the amount of disabled peoples death’s he’s responsible for should’ve seem him jailed for manslaughter, he’s an evil vile bastard who cares only about London & South of the Watford Gap.

  4. We should be going out with no deal or WTO terms as it is. We should not be paying these unelected evil men £39bn when they havent even given us a divorce bill over which our accountants and legal experts could examine and argue where they disagreed on points. Also the EU owe the UK money! The EU have considerable assets in buildings artworks and sculptures etc and Britain as a member is owed 1/28th of those assets on departure, but no one from our dreadful government seems yet to have asked them about this. Also one last point, dont forget this club of 28 countries havent produced accounts for a long time after an auditor was looking into the books and found a considerable Black hole of missing money, what happenned next? they smeared her and removed her from office and it was all the just forgotten and swept under the carpet. We have to leave this evil organisation on 29th March come what may. Finally in the last couple of days an organistaion called Leave Means Leave has sent in papers to David Liddington MP who speaks in parliament on behalf of Treason Mayhem when shes in the EU cosying up to their unelected officals, saying they are suing the government if they ask for an extension of article 50 without holding European MEP elections in May. Not having MEP seats in the European parliament is illegal according to their own rules. Last night I also dicovered that the chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, has also wrtten to the government saying he has already started proceedings in the High Court to stop GB applying for an extension to article 50 as he says this is illegal.

  5. We need to face up to it we have too many remain MPs in the Con and Lab parties and they are colluding to stay in the EU , all of the imagined problems are constructed to make us fear leaving

  6. Anyone in the USA watching – Ignore this man.
    He's a complete idiot. The reason HE'S on TV is so that nobody in government has to answer any serious questions. He talks the same old shit about the backstop, the border, he hasn't a clue about any of them. He's a better mannered version of Trump with less hair. He's a fool.

  7. If the UK suffers a hard Brexit, The Irish will have a very strong case for reclaiming Ulster.
    Better then, to give Ulster back first, and then withdraw from the EU without needing a "Backstop.".

  8. Iain Duncan-Smith does not understand, for any country of the EU27 the trade with the rest of the EU27 is larger than the trade with the UK. This means the integrity of the common market is more important than a trade deal with the UK.
    The EU risks fewer jobs with no deal with the UK than with a bad deal (a deal the UK wants). So only minute changes to the withdrawal agreement are to be expected.
    So he wants to play the game of chicken driving a sedan against a lorry on a narrow road, so the lorry that has no space to give in.

  9. The problem is Northern Ireland!
    All these people must be bitter assholes who hate everything and everyone
    The Cliffs of Moher are a snooze fest!
    The beaches are ugly!
    Tayto chip sandwiches are disgusting!
    The skyline is shit!
    Local Country people are boring!

  10. How do you know that the "vast majority want to leave now even if they voted to remain"? If it is so sure why is the government afraid to do the People's Vote, the final say?

  11. The government care not about legalities with the people so why bother as the U.K. we could say nuts to the eu and we don’t comply with your laws other countries have. So just leave. The British government is a terrible organisation and that’s the real problem

  12. Yeah let's waste 39 billion and fuck the 17.4 million off they really don't give a shit about us well good luck with the continued knife crime homeless increase low wages etc staying in the eu yeah great idea

  13. Ironic that we may get Brexit from the EU if they refuse a pointless extension rather than from the politicians who are supposed to represent the majority of us but refuse to accept what was voted for….

  14. The question is what is the ramifications if we leave? I know people will say leave but how many business will be closed and how many will be loosing their jobs? Will this crash the economy if not why is it that leaving is proving to be so difficult?🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. The single thing i find hard to understand is why we bother to vote. it would seem that if the other MPs do not like whatever the people vote for then they can just block it. this to me means that it does not matter who you vote for it is just all decided on a majority vote and stuff the government. (and of course the people who voted in the government)

  16. What deal ? I thought we voted out not for any special deal where we actually stay in the EU paying them billions – are these MP's telling the people that voted out, they're not grown up enough to make their own law in their own country and have full control of who and how many are allowed in ? We leave, we ask which country wants to trade with us, and yes its that easy

  17. What remainers must consider is not what the EU is like to be in right now (which is actually not that bad), but what it will inevitably become of it in the next recession/economic crash (which could be as early as this year with Italy/Germany already in recession). There is over $5T of debt majority of which is in places like Italy/Greece/Spain/Ireland of which almost $1T is non-performing (in default, and that is in what are relatively good economic times), along with the massive issue of TARGET2 deposits sitting in Germany. Most people wont know what these are, but essentially as the Eurozone has a common currency but regionally bank trust/solvency varies massively, people from places like Italy would rather hold their savings in German/other EU banks than their own. This is essentially a mini run on the banks as it severely reduces their capitalisation ratios and how much they can lend out, because their deposits are much lower, thus revenue generation/solvency issues develop.

    Growth has been exceptionally poor everywhere apart from UK/Germany since 2009, and these huge debts will need to be dealt with at some point. The major issue is, that economically the EU is so split and the countries in trouble can't print their way out of their debt as the ECB controls monetary policy. Germany practically controls the ECB and is very conservative (since they do not have these problems) and printing massive amounts of € would inflate away the pruchasing power of german voters. Along with this, the € is too strong for many of these countries with weak economies, and a weaker currency traditionally boosted their exports (as they are much cheaper to sell abroad), invited tourism due to low costs and incentivised people to buy local goods, as imports are made that much more expensive with a weak currency (no more BMWs for the Greeks). None of this can happen, and the EU is trapped – if you are at all clued up on economic this is fairly obvious and has been for some time, this is pretty much the consensus in many financial circles.

    So what has this got to do with the UK leaving? The main issue shouldn't be free trade, open borders but precisely this financial situation. In the 2009 bailout, the UK was forced to participate in the loans given to the Eurozone which may arguably never be paid back, and the scale of the problem back then was comparatively minute to what it is now, with several magnitudes of cash injections (or default) required to cure the problem, which EU members will be forced to participate in as payees into the yearly common market fees.

    Yes, the trade barriers from hard brexit would be tough on the UK consumer initially, but as the supply chains re-organise to cheaper goods (if/where available) the impact may be felt less than most imagine, as those cheap goods with low tarrifs will over time be preferred over high tariff goods. The most disruptive time may be for the manufacturing sector as thousands of parts may need to be sourced from other areas of the world (if cheaper). In all likelihood though, the pain felt across Europe to an already weakening economy on the brink of recession will mean the tariffs will be lowered anyway, as the UK has already made their intentions clear to lower their tariffs significantly on most goods imported in the UK.

  18. Britain knows true Brexit politicians. Britain knows politicians playing games with the electorate. It's a countdown at the next election and the biggest political bloodbath in history. Remainers will never govern again.