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U.S. Army granted ISIS safe passage in exchange for 50 tons of gold

U.S. Army granted ISIS safe passage in exchange for 50 tons of gold

A shocking new report claims the U.S. Army allowed hundreds of terrorist fighters to escape in exchange for billions of dollars worth of gold. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more.

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  1. Another attack on Trump. BIG shocker there. IF it's true it wasn't Trump it was barry. Sounds like we bought that gold with the money barry sent over there. Dems just hate Trump because he won't let them rob America anymore.

  2. I am so pissed off that means that wahabi terrorist ISIS was created only for one reason : stealing the money and wealth of Syrians who need 50 tons of gold to rebuild their country.Americans you are the worst enemies of jesus because jesus christ was never a theive or a liar or evil man and this is why real chrestians dont exist and real muslims are a big lie too.The demons and djins have more honor .50 tons of Gold can rebuild the whole fucking midle east.what we want to make people stay in their countries and prevent mass immigration to west and Europe and keep Europe only for white Europeans and this is exactly what we want and we dont want nobody to come to usa so please stope executing the fucking zionist agenda like cheap whores and force the people to leave their countries because they dont find any wealth because you steal everything from them after that you keep complaining like whores about why muslims are coming to your country or the west you are not fucking helping .

  3. the reason why Usa came to syria is only to steal the gold of Syria thst belongs to Syrian people.Americans are nothing but zionists and fake chrestians and theives and enemies of jesus holy christ Shame on you theives.

  4. Wtf is this trash!? This is like saying, "Kim Jong Un is going to dismantle all of his nukes, we know this, because Kim Jong Un said so." This is trash journalism… If I wanted news stories with no real sources and total bologna speculation, I would watch CNN. Stop publishing trash stories with nothing real to back it up. Keep it up and you'll be losing countless subscribers.

  5. What a load of trash. 50 tons of gold! With that stash ISIS could rearm and wreak havoc in Syria, no doubt! Surprised OAN is reporting such unverifiable garbage. Heaven help us!

  6. Good time to recoup our billions spent for 17 years.. But the jigg is up now destroy isis. Demcrats got their booty thats why they ddnt want Trump to pull out of Syria and Iraq im sure Just like hillay and barach taking gold n silver from Lybia when they killed kadahffi..

  7. US is always accused of taking natural resources (oil), but taking of gold is a new one. If true, US didn't take it, it was given for exchange for passage. Now wouldn't it be something if the US were recovering the gold that was already stolen for that country, fake news would leave out information to put US in a bad light how easy to change a positive to a negative. They never asked the US if it was true and if so what they would do with the gold, not even bother to try just to see what their reply would be if any. So a incomplete reporting. I say keep it, if a country has to go in and put boot to a$$ to a regime, then repayment by gold, extra tariffs % on trade or both.