U.S. Proposes Cuts in Foreign Aid

Dec.18 — Rajiv Shah, president of The Rockefeller Foundation, discusses President Trump’s proposal to cut foreign aid and its impact on the world. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. america needs to let the american people, the taxpayers only vote on foreign aid. you hear these charities demand 100 million here 50 billion there africa needs a couple trillion to hold it for another 6 mon's . africa has been on world welfare for the last 100 yrs with no change, none at all. we may as well just burn the money. all these charities bosse's are keeping the german luxury cars selling and corp jets flying so these bosses's can drive and fly around begging money. these charities are stashing billions. they spend 50% on admin cost. by the time the money gets to the snot faced kid his cut of $1.00 is 7 cents. america is feeding the world and needs to stop it while we have a real president in office. president trump.

  2. We are in debt trillians, yet we give money away? INSANITY? YES, its all fake, nothing is real, if they need money they JUST print it, counterfit, all they want! But we the people, we get just enough to stay alive, barely! Don't you ever get suspicious? NO…..WHY?

  3. The EU is 500 million people with a lager GDP than the USA they can more than afford to pay for their own military protection …it's Time for the USA to get out of NATO no more cheapskate European Union free-riders

  4. All Western countries should cut foreign aid by at least 50% and start paying off governmental debt …… the definition of foreign aid ……"take money from the poor in the rich countries and give it to the rich in the poor countries" ………