U.S. Shutdown at Record 23 Days

Jan.13 — Doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the U.S. government shutdown after federal employees missed their first paycheck on Friday. This partial government shutdown has lasted a record 23 days. Bloomberg’s Ros Krasny reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Australia.”

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  1. The demorats are the non starters, an olive branch was offered by the President and a promise of flexibility. All they have to do is hammer out an agreement, Have the demoracts started hammering…. Yes but only at their tired old play of obstruction, conventionality and untruths. To solve a problem you have to Work to solve a problem, the demoracts are professional non starters. A CNN panel has done more, in a resent report to hammer out an agreement in 3 minutes than congress will in the next three months. The discussion on CNN is what starting really looks like. Nancy and Chuck take an example of what the American people expect from all of you demopublicans. Start this and finish it……. no excuses, failure is not an option.

  2. Keep working and stop complaining, through out history there have been people who never got a dime for their work. If this was a real issue, everyone of them would walk out of those jobs, and see how fast the government would be reopen. But that's not the case, so just keep working, and stop the crying about it, your country thanks you.

  3. This gives us all a very clear indication of how much Trump cares about the well-being of the American people.
    First the trade wars, and now the shutdown. He's severely damaging the lives of millions of Americans for the
    sole reason of getting his way. There's no way to be less presidential.

  4. They had two years of a complete Republican majority in both houses and the White House to pass a bill with wall funding and they didn't even put one forward for a vote. Now that the Democrats control one house, suddenly this is a priority? How is this even a discussion? If they couldn't get it done then, why on Earth would they get it done now? They have less support for this now than they did two months ago! Apparently they had to choose between pocketing money with the tax cut or a wall. Even Trump put the wall on the backburner! Fk Trump and Mitch McConnell for this shutdown.