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U.S. shuts down consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem

U.S. shuts down consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem

The U.S. is downgrading the status of its mission to Palestinians as the State Department shuts down the Jerusalem consulate. One America’s Kendra Sitton has more on how this may affect a Middle East peace plan.

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  1. @1:50 Jared Kushner "The goal of resolving the borders is to eliminate the borders…" I wonder if he asked Israelis' how they feel about that plan to eliminate their border with a population of people that want them all dead?

  2. "Palestinians" don't want peace, they want the whole thing without a single Jew in sight. Give the West Bank back to Jordan. Give GAZA back to Egypt. All done.

  3. Better to open an embassy to Disneyland in Jerusalem, than Palestine. Both only exist in name only as a sovereignty, but nobody from Disneyland wants to DEstroy Israel.

  4. Screw the Palistinians.. Build the wall… Between Israel and the Palestinian problem. Defund all aid to the Palestinian authority and let them cook in their own juices. Then when the Shitheads start lobbing rockets again let IDF forces annihilate the entire area where the rockets are being launched from. Level it to the ground..

    If you have a wasp nest at your front door and you or your guests get stung a couple times you don't just find the individual wasps who did the stinging you wipe out the entire nest as best you can and remove it.

  5. The "fakestinians" are descendants of seasonal migratory Arab shepherd's from all over Middle East who through propaganda, lies and fake history after being encouraged by NAZIS before and during WWII, made false claims on the territories of Israel and with terrorist non elected ruling entities such as fatah, hamas and hizbollah are now financed by Iran and other Islamic lunatic states to continue Hitlers genocide. Why?
    ISRAEL is the only State in Middle East that supports Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Thought, Criticism, Religion and Female Emancipation. Something that Islamic states and muslims regard as anathema.

  6. The silly American subsidy of nut cases has to stop, and that includes all NGO's. Put up the shield and hold out the sword. The criminals are laughing at you and using your good will as a tool against you. Ignore the narrative and write your own story.

  7. Closing Consulate representing something that does not in reality exist, has never existed in History and does not exist in the archaeological record. So called, "fakestinians" are in reality Arabs from all over the Middle East who are of nomadic migratory shepherd's by origin. No state, tribe or ethnic entity has ever existed or been mentioned in history by their claimed name.

  8. Hmmm lets see Palestine was what Romans called Jews as an insult changing maps to reflect the name. So Palestinians ARE JEWS! Problem solved we have a embassy to Jews in Jerusalem!