U.S., South Korea End Key Military Drills After Summit Collapse

Mar.03 — The U.S. and South Korea have agreed to end two of their biggest joint military exercises. Bloomberg’s Jodi Schneider reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. The only way to KJU's feet to the fire are those exercises. Was stationed in Korea. Those exercises are critical for joint U.S and Korean forces. The key word, is critical.

  2. 1) it is possible to foresee the failure of 2nd summit just knowing the main characteristic of one party – US – the untrustworthy ass – whose objective not to trust its "opponent" even in the 1st summit. 2) why having joint drills in the midst of solving tension in the peninsula? US wants it to show its staying power?? S. Korea wants US's alliance to intimidate its brotherly neighbour despite its ambition to unite KOREANS – showing its hypocrisy as well as being one "lame duck" in the peninsula.
    3) It is a simple equation : US wants political tension in the peninsula to exit and both S. Korea and Japan play AMERICAN PUPPETS for support. N. KOREA needs defence power for itself.
    4) such scenario only bleeds better relationship between Russia and China on one hand and create a tripartite of RUSSIA-CHINA-N. KOREA – the arrow points this way – the "losers" both Japan and S. Korea not escaping from ASIAN influence – both FOOLS – with US waiting for retreat by strange event!!!!