U.S. to Pull All Personnel From Venezuela Embassy

Mar.12 — Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said the U.S. will pull all remaining personnel from its embassy in Venezuela’s capital, adding that the presence of diplomatic staff “has become a constraint on U.S. policy.” Bloomberg’s Dan Cancel reports on “Bloomberg Markets.”

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  1. The true reason why The U.S. is withdrawing their personnel from their embassy in Caracas seems obvious in the historic perspective of the assault of the US Embassy in Teheran by a mob of Iranian "students" in 1980 and the taking of all personnal inside as hostages, enraged that President Carter had given political assylum to their fomer Shah. Which of course cost him the re-election in that year, That such a measure has been announced shortly after having Maduro announced that they had cauight a couple of saboteurs red handed, gives even more credence to that possibility, as it is just a question of time until the whole knows of US and CIA involvement in these terrorist acts. The last thing Trump wants is to end like Carter in 2020. And this by default is the Amurrican confessiion that they were the ones sabotaging the electric system.

  2. Bloomberg Fake News, You guys need to report how the Trump administration is strangling Venezuelan economy with sanctions and what effect that is having on their economy and infrastructure, otherwise you guys are not real journalists.

  3. People are starving is because the Americans told Colombia to fuck u over and the country's around Venezuela and them blame the Venezuelan government. That is what America does. Like to see people kill themselves. Fuck usa. I'm American and. Please. Send a bomb to the white house. Make sure is full o government shit. And them. We blow the shit out it them

  4. Fucking Americans. Are the ones. Doing this to Venezuela. Just like. Wha they doing in palestina and Pakistan. Iran. Irak. Fuc usa democracy. Fuck USA democracy. Fuck USA. Need to drop a bomb in USA

  5. When the terrorist attacks happened in the world trade center in New York on 9/11, several Americans that was present, or inside the tower, police officers and firefighters said that they heard detonations and the towers fall as construction demolition, it happened the same the words of the affected people was removed from the news, the news just reported the official version, in other words if you kill your own people to get backup from the ONU to invade countries just to obtain their natural resources and have it as the dollar slave that's all in this case with Venezuela the US doesn't care if Maduro, Guaido or the people of Venezuela dies all the US wants that's the oil, diamonds and cocaine, the secret weapon here is the technology smart phones with recorded videos that cler shows the aggressors and the agressions to the peace not only to Venezuela but to the entire world because they need allies to do their movements, once everything is in coordination to ready to act the aggressors add the last piece of the puzzle, the fake news, the news shuts down the word of the affected if it is American or Venezuelan, the news says only the official version or in conspiracy with the same terrorist group commanded by the US