U.S. Working to Stop Iranian Oil Exports

Jun.26 — The U.S is pressing its allies to stop all imports of Iranian crude by November. Bloomberg’s Ryan Collins reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. Iran and North Korea are Putin proxies scheming with him to annihilate the populations of the USA and China by successive thermonuclear EMP and neutron bomb attacks.

    Iran and North Korea would suffer any residuary retaliation from sea, air, space and American allies. This would be a small part of American retaliatory power, but still enough to destroy these two small countries many times over. Russia would be the sole remaining superpower, precisely the point of Putin’s genocidal machinations.

    The Iran nuclear deal was void ab initio for fraud in the inception by Iran's despotic Arabic rulers and the queer communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961. The continued nuclear arms development by the Iranian leadership is an existential threat to the United States of American. Those who breach sanctions against it are mortal enemies of the USA – and Iran and North Korea.

    When the Persian people fully realize that their Arabic rulers are dragging them into a war that will destroy them, they might rise up against their rulers and change them. They might even use this analysis to garner support from the current establishment for this movement, especially when nudged by effective sanctions. Amicable relations with America and the rest of the world might then be re-established.

  2. Turkey is to busy executing POW's to understand we do not want any product from Turkey. Ban all imports from Turkey . From American Taxpayers and never sell them a Jet.

  3. US has lost all power of his allies under Trump. Everyone is mad at the US, Now they can't impose anything. China and Russia will keep buying from Iran. US allready Imposed Tariff on them. Iran is the best way to retalliate agains US Tariffs. what else can US do? Go to war against China and Russia? . Iran is not about nuclear weapons, its all about controlling Oil price.

  4. Energy prices always Skyrocket under a Republican controlled White House, the Democrats have a better energy policy prices are a lot lower under them Trump for prison 2018 make America great again but blue.