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UN ruling on U.K. control of Chagos Islands makes U.S. base future uncertain

UN ruling on U.K. control of Chagos Islands makes U.S. base future uncertain

A ruling about colonial control in Africa is making the future of a strategic U.S. air base uncertain. One America’s Kendra Sitton has the report.

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  1. Bring an end to the U.N. as rapidly as possible. Corruption and criminality and blatant racism and hate Israel Luciferianism is their chief endeavor. Take them down along with the E.U.

  2. The people will beg for protection from the communist once they are alone to defend themselves ! It's just a money grab squeeze play that will backfire on the people of these islands !

  3. Diego Garcia is where they landed that missing plane..
    Then they used the plane to get it shot down near Russia!
    Seems the people on the plane were dead way before the plane was shot down!

  4. Why in the world are we still listening to the UN!!
    The UN is a NWO control group and we should remove them from the USA NOW!
    Stop using MY tax dollars to support terrorism!

  5. Yeah take a look at the people involved in this court decision we got a bunch of muzzies. They're trying to eliminate a base that allows long-range strategic bombing. The UN is a farce and no civilian agreed to be in it it was a globalist scam enacted by corrupt politicians against the will of the people. They started World War II because their League of Nations scam collapsed because our great-grandparents were smarter than we were they knew about global governance and losing your National sovereignty

  6. What percentage of their economy devolves from US and UK involvement, and what economy will they have left after the base closes and everybody leaves? This is motivated by some Saudi Prince or Chinese billionaire's plans to build a resort on the former base, or maybe Bezos made an offer. Careful what you wish for folks.

  7. These globalist are so desperate to keep the United Kingdom in the EU because if the United Kingdom leaves that would leave Germany and France to flip most of the bill. I hope you cake and leave the European Union

  8. the UN is a globalist propaganda machine and a staunch supporter of islam and deserves to be disbanded , that said i remember when this happened and this is one time that the asshats at the UN might have got it right , Great Britton overstepped with removal of the native population just for a lease agreement with the US airforce , stratigic or not that wasnt right !