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Uncovering the Truth About the Murder of Seth Rich

Uncovering the Truth About the Murder of Seth Rich

The Daily Ledger’s Stephanie Hamill and OANN Reporter Pearson Sharp discuss the latest revelations in the unsolved murder case.

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  1. They don't want to incriminate themselves so of course they aren't going to look any further. They know at what point they became personally involved so anything looks like it's going to lead there of course they want everything SHUT DOWN

  2. Main-stream media, and it's controlling powers, better be QUIVERING in their boots. Yes, most of the "baby-boomers" receive their "news" via ABC/NBC/FOX/CNN, but EVERY subsequent generation has FINALLY understood those networks are NOTHING more than propaganda. Over the last 30-40 years, we have covertly been enslaved, but the gig is almost up! PEOPLE OF THE USA, IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!

  3. That $500K reward should have associates of the "thug killers" crawlin from 'neath whatever rock they hide under, yet no one, huh? Curious. Rod Wheeler, PI now, former DC detective, given the cold shoulder by DC cops. Curious. Rich's parent's more concerned with "letting it lie" then they are about finding who murdered their son, and why? Curiouser and curiouser….I heard something somewhere in passing that Trump can make ALL THIS CRAP disappear just by making known he may appoint special counsel to investigate Clinton Global, etc. Jolly good idea, what? Shut these lefty low lifes down once and for all.

  4. Hey Skippy and pedo "Illus" are you watching? We're coming for you.
    This is the age of judgement. Oppose us and be ended.
    What do you fear more? A drug addicted amateur with a gun (the only ones who would still do a hit, since they are killed afterwars anyway) or America, the west, the Internet and God? Decide fast and pick sides or suffer like you cannot imagine. Come clean or perish.

  5. Seth Rich does have a brother, just wondering if something was said to the parents in reference to their other son. It's a horrible thing to loose a child, but it could get uglier if you have other children to protect.

  6. During the election campaign I witnessed millions of American patriots working together to put Trump in the White House…
    I'm hoping I can witness a similar movement of determination to bring down Hillary Clinton and put her in the Big House.
    And the sooner the crimes of Hillary Clinton are revealed – the sooner all the lemmings here in Canada will realize how much of a traitor our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is for being in alliance with Hillary and her private army of mercenaries and thugs that are trying to fragment western civilization.

  7. Rod Wheeler never retracted his report – he clarified the mis-impression some people had gotten that he personally had seen the alleged FBI report regarding Seth's laptop. He says it was Fox reporter Malia Zimmerman who talked to the anonymous FBI agent whose claims were reported.

  8. Putin reveals alien hybrids are the ruling class. ancient blood conspiracy. Santos bonacci Phoenicians. Royal Descendants of Vlad the impaler. the news has been fake since Andrew Jackson war against the banks failure and then some. Copernicus was a Jesuit. skull and crossbones jump start a war/robbery. 911 hologram. patriot act is treason. Mandela effect. Edward Snowden interview with an alien. Hillary Clinton robot. national defense authorization act is treason. Franklin Roosevelt STRAW MAN in all capital letters is a "legal" term that means slave. Karen Hudes and White spiritual boy??? freedom from fascism? FEMA and Monsanto Satanist fascists. fluoride and chem trails GMOs destroys the the DNA and pineal gland? what the original definition of the term"well regulated"???? disarmament always comes before genocide. Henry Kissinger Satanist? George Soros goes to pizza gate?

  9. pizza gate predators will suffer for breaking the great law of peace. it's injustice for most and immunity for the richest. it's going to be justice for all if Humanity is forceful about it and demands it with the up most integrity, fearlessness, and persistence. do you want your kids to grow up in a world where only the 99℅ can be prosecuted for inhuman acts of destruction, corruption and fraud!?!?!?!?

  10. It's funny how many important people are murdered in DC and the investigations are unsolved. My favorite was the Vince Foster death investigated by the Park Service. Bill Clinton had an intern before Monica who was in a botched robbery and that was never solved. Do the DC police ever solve any crimes?

  11. Tiger woods get arrested for DUI and the Dashcam Video comes out the next day. Seth rich gets "robbed" and murdered a year ago and no video? Weird

  12. Haa, the money means nothing when you have billions to play with. I hope we are not screwed but keep the good work going forward and I pray that you don't get the same a Mr Rich.

  13. So too stupid to commit a robbery of a drunk kid walking home yet smart enough to commit a murder then evade all the cameras, DC police, and FBI for nearly a

  14. I think Wheeler went public with what he knew is because he knew that if he didn't something would "happen" to him because of the info he had uncovered. They would silence him to keep him from investing. He prob did it to save his own life.

  15. Hillary along with the DNC's lawyers will never let the truth be told …! Looney Left Progressive have evolved into a party of Fags… Tranny's … and Liars …!

  16. $2000 in cash? Who walks around with that amount of cash? Was he looking for drugs? Companionship? Was he just paid for something? That item seems strange, too.