Solomon Yue, Global CEO of Republicans Overseas and John Richardson a Canadian legal expert talk about post-Brexit trade deals, cutting taxes and Donald Trump – is he a protectionist?

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I'm a dual citizen living in Canada. This effects me greatly and I cannot properly plan for retirement because the IRS taxes foreign vehicles punitivley such as mutual funds (look up PFIC). I get capital gains taxed on my canadian home mortgage because CURRENCY flucations for my US taxes even though I never had one. This is called a phantom tax. Citizenship based taxation is pure evil. Please also US dual citizens write to your state representatives to end this

  2. Thats all replublicans can come up with tax cuts tax cuts one american billionare who was on danish tv sayd that he was not creating more jobs because of lower tax he sayd that those politician where stupid and he expected that in the future there would riots and people demanding rich people to pay a lot more in tax ?

  3. I agree with Gerry Robbertson here. The US will attempt to move in on the NHS and other National Interests, mainly BAE defence programmes. Having said that the NHS really does need a rocket under its backside and has to be one the worst managed 'businesses' in the UK, not surprising considering Big Pharma has a very dark troubling agenda with people's health and use tax payers money to do very bad research.

  4. What a very naive almost laughable presentation. When the Americans talk about investment opportunities they mean hoovering up any worthwhile competitors, asset strip then move production to the USA (as they have done many times elsewhere), Of course they want UK out tof the EU because many well known brands will lose their EU protection (as has already been admitted by the UK Gov) and be ripe pickings. Do not be mistaken for all this special relationship crap they are business men out to make a buck. In particular they see the continuing privatisation of the NHS presenting huge opportunities for them. Ask yuor self if the UK Gov had even an incling of great FT deals would they not have presented them before now. YOU ARE BEING DUPED BY PEOPLE WHO WILL NO DOUBT BENEFIT (i.e. The wealthy).

  5. The very idea that just because you are an American no matter where you live and work you must pay income tax to the US is in my mind criminal, what possible justification could there be for such a law. I lived and worked in Spain I did not pay anything to the UK while I was there, why would I.

  6. The UK has been held back by being in the EU. Somehow or rather the game has been rigged in favour of Germany and it has stayed like that. We're better off out and away from this corrupt and organised crime syndicate.

  7. business is about language, language, and language. i remember trying to haggle with a young Spanish lawyer working for the EU out of Madrid, about a quibble I had with her service, and gave up in the end before my forehead dented the wall too much

  8. So why doesn't the US stop taxing their citizens when they are living in other countries? Its a bit much to ask these other countries not to tax American citizens simply because they are American, regardless of whether they work for American companies or not.