Who would win a race between the fastest 200m runners in history?

Former 200m world record holder Michael Johnson talks to the man who broke his mark at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Usain Bolt.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I love Michael, he is a legend in the truest sense of the word but him against bolt wouldn't be as spectacular as we think . Michael only ran that fast once on a special track with a wider turn which doesn't exist anymore . I think on a normal track Michael could run around 19,5 at his best . Bolt has run 19,3 twice & 19,1 once . Maybe running against each other would give each one a 0,1 boost . Michael 19,4 and usain 19,0 .

  2. At their respective peaks, Bolt wins. His PB is more than a tenth of a second faster. However, if they ran during the same time period and were the exact same age, Bolt would win when they are younger, while Johnson would win as they got older.

  3. Bolt, for 2017, I want you to drop the 100m, and focus on the 200 and 400.. I want to against Wayne Van……. what ever from SA. Even if it's not done at a wc or Olympic, I'd still like for you to race him!!

  4. Looks like Bolt might've used the 100m sprints in Rio to test out the hamstring. He might be able to brea his own record, but sub 19 would be an incredible accomplishment even for the great & powerful Usain Bolt.

  5. Bolt would win, he's a naturally gifted runner, that if he was serious in Beijing, could've ran a 9.54 100m sprint, why he slowed meant he didn't care for setting records.