Use #TileArt and Skyward Arts to Customize your Windows Phone | Pocketnow

Microsoft’s #TileArt and Skyward Arts’ Shadow Tile collection give you the opportunity to customize your Windows Phone Start screen like never before. Join us for a quick hands-on of each in our latest Microsoft-centric video!

Lumia Conversations interview:

A Closer Look at #TileArt:

Starfleet lock screen logo source:

Skyward Apps shadow pack install page:

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Use #TileArt and Skyward Arts to Customize your Windows Phone | Pocketnow


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  1. ummmm…here's something creepy.0:39 the image of two phones the one on the left with batman,  I Since Iphone4 I had that exact image on my phones from my favorite comicbook, from a particular page, particular frame, cropped EXACTLY the same.  I feel violated.  What are the odds…?

  2. I´va always fancied a Windows Phone, but never truly dared to buy one.. and now with the Lumia Denim update and Windows 10 coming up… Well let´s just say the urge to grap a 930 is hard to contain… The customization options are simply stunning!

  3. I'm pretty sure that there are more apps that allow some cool customizations on Windows phone than those two. I know that there's probably no "Cydia" or "Xposed Installer" on it but I have a feeling that there's way more cool customizations for Windows phone.  

  4. I could smack myself in the head with my Lumia and die. That's how frustrating it is to use a Windows Phone. I have previously owned a Galaxy Note 2 (android) and an iPhone 5 (iOS), both of which were miles ahead in terms of functionality and usability. Don't even get me started with the apps! WP is a very dumb implementation of a smartphone software!