Very Likely Trump Will Be Impeached, Says Geopolitical Futures’s Friedman

Oct.28 — George Friedman, founder and chairman of Geopolitical Futures, discusses the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, what the election in Argentina means for the U.S. and the global slowdown. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”

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  1. GOOD LUCK, What crimes has he committed, the meuller investigation found nothing, but Schiff did? Schiff has repeatedly lied and leaked and is conducting an unconstitutional inquiry with no rule of law! Where is the evidence against the President, have not seen any, again!!!

  2. Did you see the response when trump went to the ball game listen to what they said it's not fake News it was love. At a ball game lol most presidents would be throwing the first pitch out this is why he doesn't go out in public he's afraid of hearing the truth. So he can lie. Lie. Lie. And believe it. But please don't believe 90 percent of what this pompous president says. Look into it always question what he says

  3. If a credible Journalist still existed on this planet, we would have some legal experts explain case law on hearsay of eavesdropping on half a phone call. Basically this Whistle Blower formed an opinion on half of a phone call, purely speculating on the other half, that he could not hear. There could also be some funny comedy skits about eavesdropping on half a phone call, speculating on the other half, and drawing a totally opposite conclusion to what is revealed by listening to both sides of the phone call. Where are Comics and Journalists when we need them? The fake news media is so biased and corrupt they will twist any trivial thing into an anti-Trump smear. Trump should make truth, fairness, and facts in journalism, preserving the spirit of the first amendment a major election issue in 2020. Fake News media has turned the US Free Speech 1st Amendment on it's head, and using it as a tool to manipulate, fool, and fraud the US public with a Tsunami of Fake News. The Fake News Oligarchs are a RICO Fraud syndicate with far too much control by far too few, biased and corrupt actors. The Fake News industry needs reform, regulation, and to be broken up to fix the political corruption, economic turmoil, and incompetence, which they create.

  4. A meaningless bipartisan impeachment by democrats only! As democrats continue to stroke their own tally waker, the truth will come out, and let the bodies where they lie,you won't notice much, because democrats eatheir own!!

  5. Who gives the Rats this power? They work on the people’s tax dollars not for them to go against people’s choice of votes for presidency. President Donald Trump has been doing nothing wrong but delivering all the things that Clinton, Obama failed, there’s no reason for impeachment so … do the Rats want to be treason???

  6. The Democrats know the Republicans won't impeach him. They are very aware of what they can and cant get through congress. They are doing the very thing they are accusing Trump of. Bringing in officials from other countries to testify against Trump, is exactly the same thing that they are accusing Trump of. This is nothing more than an attempt to effect the upcoming election. Friedman is either clueless or a good liar.

  7. How on earth does this Bloomberg site, claim to be none partizan on its about page!!!
    When it is as Left wing Liberal as a 200 yard field goal!

    MSM has now completely gone off the rails. Sorry but these people have to be brought out into the open and exposed for what they really are.
    Globalist, imperialists, royal exploiters of the world!!!! 🙁

  8. impeached on what high crimes and misdemeanors? The House Democrats are guilty of abuse of power…weaponizing the Committees of the House and the impeachment process, slander , libel, attempting a coup to overturn an presidential election which is sedition an treason, making a mockery of our legislative branch and of due process . The mainstream media is complicit. Both the media and these democratic politicians ARE the enemy of the USA and the American people.

  9. I have never seen a more delusional group of people. Than the current Liberals..
    So sad, that they have been led down the wrong path by a group of international bankers and globalist supported by various principles 🙁