Vivo NEX 3 hands on: Turn it up

The Vivo NEX 3 could almost be considered an overpowered device – it’s ready for 5G, has a ton of screen, and has a super powerful main camera. JV checks it out at the launch event in Shanghai!


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  1. Hey all! JV here – what's going on, everybody? I'm sitting in the event right now and they just announced the prices – the base level, non-5G model is 4999RMB (about $700) while the top model 5G model with 12GB RAM is about 6280RMB (about $879).

  2. I'm not impressed by the megapixels as we all know software is king when it comes to phone photography. It's an interesting phone but I'm concerned it will be a bunch of high in specs let down by a team not capable of making the most of them. I'm exited to see.

  3. The sides aren't registering touches because they are merely visual and not actually useable area. If you watch Mrwhosetheboss's video on this phone he demonstrates this by showing it next to a Note 10 Plus. The curve of the Note 10 Plus is actually interactive and can be used (scrolling up and down on a web page for example), but not on the Vivo phone.

  4. Like the oneplus 7 pro curve but way worse. If you didn't hate curves before you will now. Distorted fish bowl mess. And it clearly does not have a nice samsung panel like the oneplus 7 pro. Dull and lacking clarity like the p30 pro. A BOE display.

  5. true this device may still be in the making but i feel this is one device i would do with the picture quality just seems to be up there with the mentions of the mate 20 if not better
    i wouldnt mind if you had a good heart and shipped me that handset right there

  6. This is gonna bore a lot of folks but my verdict would be, I am at the point now where no particular phone feature is amazing beyond new camera tricks SO I like to keep phones a minimum of 2 years and of my 3 OLED phones not one has managed to avoid burn in by the 18 months mark so I am done with that technology.

    As far as I'm concerned you consign your next phone to less recyclability (via selling to a 2nd hand buyer or gifting to a relative or friend) because OLED displays are finite and wear out as we used them. This is as user hostile as sealed batteries

  7. Every now and again there is a smartphone that comes along that makes you beg the question: just how much blatantly and more poorly they can copy and rip off Samsung’s original design of the curved edges, and use it to so desperately try to be samsung?

  8. Finally a phone with small bezels that looks symmetrical! I hate when phones have small bezels but the chin is bigger than the forehead 🤦🏻‍♂️ if only the op7 pro looked like this

  9. The waterfall display is pretty, but like the Note 10+ which we just bought last week, the curves serve no purpose but as eye candy. It is rather odd that all reviewers comment about the back camera module looking like something, but no one states the obvious: Motorola! I would need to see the photos to judge how good the camera is. It's usually a balance between megapixels and pixel size that wins, unless you never shoot in anything but good light. At least the camera module does not look like an afterthought like the iPhone 11.