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Washington Post gives Hillary Clinton 4 Pinocchio rating for voter suppression claims

Washington Post gives Hillary Clinton 4 Pinocchio rating for voter suppression claims

The mainstream media is taking issue with Hillary Clinton’s recent appearance in Alabama. One America’s Kara McKinney has that report.

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  1. THAT IS NOT HILLARY in purple…. Look closely, the eyes, the neck, cheeks….That's a sleeve…..that thing looks 20 yrs younger!!! That witch won't hang cause she's already on ice.

  2. Hillary did NOT win popular vote by 3 million votes, like she said. Pres Trump won popular vote. It becomes very difficult to believe that Hillary won when you remember that Hillary was always behind Pres Trump by 10 points ALWAYS. So how could she have won popular vote? She couldn't. This was just another one of her infamous lies. Trump won popular vote which is why he won the electoral college as well.

  3. You LOST, 2 years ago Hillary so shut up!!! I mean your getting ready to go to gitmo for child rape, trafficking and murder, besides treason and stealing EVERYONE'S money!!!

  4. I do hope that the clintons are charged AND MOST IMPORTANTLY….. executed for their crimes against America!!!!!!!!!
    I would laugh at their deaths…….
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  5. Maybe they knew your old ass is about ready to stroke out did you ever figure that out Ono I'm too smart my name is Hillary Clinton I couldn't catch a clue if somebody come up and s*** on top of my head you know Miss Hillary Clinton most idiot in the world no missed stroke stroke stroke that's what you get for eating human flesh and drinking human blood I have a feeling that look at it this way if a black president didn't do s*** for us what makes you think a dumbass white honky presidential candidate that's a woman is going to do anything for us that's why they didn't come out the boat for you

  6. She is a terrible con … angry cheating , entitled bitch that couldn't beat a community organizer with no experience , except how to read a teleprompter. Thank God she didn't cheat hard enough (like she did to Bernie) and Donald Trump won. Even with a fake dossier and the corrupt FBI & IRS. Karma came back to bite her in the ass.

  7. Oh, look. Hillary's still alive, and still campaigning for Donald Trump. And the Southern twang is back. It's like a recurring nightmare. The only thing different is that she looks noticeably younger and isn' coughing. Those Mexican childrens' blood must have done wonders for her skin and health. Or it's a clone or double. Seriously, I was so sure she died. She hasn't left the spotlight since my grandma was a little girl, and then suddenly boom.