Watch Apple Unveil The Apple Watch Series 5

Apple debuted its new Series 5 Watch at its September 2019 iPhone event. The watch has an always-on Retina display and a compass to always show you your location and even elevation.

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Watch Apple Unveil The Apple Watch Series 5

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Apple Watch Series 5 Summary:

    No wrist flashlight facing fingers

    No processor improvement

    No speaker improvement

    No round watch design option

    No better battery

    No better water resistance

    No sleep tracking

    No blood glucose monitor

    No camera

    No carbon monoxide detector

    No innovation

    No purchase from me

    The only thing thing they added was:

    1. Always on display


    2. Built in compass 🧭

    Apple Watch Series 5 is basically the Series 4 with just those 2 things. Really boring & a historic letdown to diehard fans. Pay attention @TimCook

  2. Why doesn't everyone love the apple watch i mean they added ekg I didn't even know what that was until apple did it. Meanwhile samsung unevilled a blood pressure monitor well before Apple even announced (let alone release) and the ekg

  3. There's no reason they couldn't make the "always on" feature available on the Series 5. This new one is the Series 4 with just some software tweaks. I call BS that they did anything special on the screen.

  4. I will rather stick to my series 4 as the difference between these two are not that compelling!
    If you want to compare series 5 with series 4 you can't do that on Apple's website, they have replaced that with series 3!!
    Apple–We know your trick….