Watch Apple Unveil The New iPad

Apple unveiled a new iPad model at its September 2019 event. The new iPad is the 7th generation of the device, has a 10.2″ screen, will support the Apple pencil, and has a retail price of $329.

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Watch Apple Unveil The New iPad

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. when I saw twice as powerful as the best selling PC I thought this could be good but then I realized it’s literally my current iPad but with a smart connector and slightly larger screen.

    They must be using cheap office PCs as a marketing tactic thinking that people are like oH yEaH tHaTs wHeRE aLl tHe GamErS plAY thEm poWeRfUl gAmEs

  2. Apple's main selling point for this device in their new ad seems to be that it's "2 times faster than the top-selling windows laptop PC of the first half of 2019" but I can't find any info on what that specific laptop might be. Chances are it's just one of those really underwhelming POS laptops that broke, soon-to-be college students were buying/having bought for them like hotcakes before the semester starts.

  3. Apple products are wonderful but extremely expensive and inaccessible! Here in Brazil an ipad costs $10.000,00, a MacBook comes to cost the price of a national car and an iPhone costs almost 20x more than it sells in the USA.
    (Using 1×1 quotation).

  4. oh my god its a half inch bigger…..said the disappointed Jewish girl
    oh my god the ipad looks the same way it has for ten years, so let me talk about the software which is almost like android now
    yeah the 10 inch ipad has the chip from 2 ipad mini's ago, A10, which is why the smaller ipad mini costs MORE, because it does ALL the same shit but has a lot more power and it came out 6 months BEFORE the new old ipad
    apple hasn't invented anything now since Jobs died, same shit year after year BUT THIS TIME THEY ARE STEPPING BACK… Lets put a three year old cell phone chip into the same old ipad, just a tiny bit bigger, and act like there is something new here

  5. Dang my birthday is in september 15 so like in a few days and i told my parents i want the apple tablet 6th gen and it is only 240 dollars but now they made a seven and cost alot more urgghh whats my luck.