Watch Hong Kong Protesters Attack JPMorgan Banker

Oct.04 —  A JPMorgan Chase & Co. employee was attacked and punched by a protester outside the company’s main Hong Kong offices. The firm is now stepping up security and telling workers not to come to the office this weekend.

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  1. I was a strong and unconditional supporter of the peaceful protest in HK. However, this incident somewhat changed my view on what is really going on in HK. Fighting for democracy does not grant these youngsters any right to bully mainland Chinese. Demanding for human rights does not give these rioters any right to attacking innocent people. HK is gradually losing the edge to Shenzhen for a reason, violent will never help HK regain the glory of the 70s and 80s.

  2. Lmao that guy punch like a little girl, four punches with three in the face and the banker still standing straight and confused like ' Did I just get punched in the face? ' My gf hit harder than that.

  3. Why that guy just stood there and stared at the masked white guy but not try hard to open the door? Did he do it on purpose to have his photo-ops?

  4. Is the fucking freedom? He has right to say “we are Chinese!” But the protesters don’t have any right to beat him. And that white man, what is he doing? He is breaking the low! WTF! What is the HK going on? Nationalism, racism, shitting media!

  5. all people actually looking at the ChiNazi spy or Running Dog working at JP Morgan Jew satanic Rothschild iLLumiNati banking system that help to enslave or bankrupt any country in this world !!! i .e Helping Malaysia Ex iLLumiNajib Prime Minister link to Their selected JLo Globalist n Hollywood Celebrities Leonard DiCaprio swindle Billion$$$ 1MDB scandal money out of country n This bank shifted fr Singapore to HK after successful doing it !!! J P Morgan say to B the Real owner of Malaysia Stock exchange KLSE too !!ask Philip Morgan himself ! There all in the same luxury 1satanic boat govt

  6. Bloomberg has the duty to detail the incident on its description. As Bloomberg knows the source of the clip, what was the context of that day, Bloomberg owns the resources of investigating. To simply put down ‘’He was attacked’’ caused s-oo-oo many misunderstanding.

  7. I don't understand the situation before that. If he was just on the way to get his lunchbox, why is everyone looking at him? Why is everyone yelling at him to go to the mainland? A detailed description of the previous situation is needed.

  8. To Phebee White: Not sure you are really ‘’white’’ or …! Learnt the fact first before jumping into conclusion. Everything is for a reason. Train services suspended whenever the administration seemed fit. Owners of enterprises blamed the present situation on our young men at U.N. without mentioned the mistakes of the government. Heap and Heap of evidence shown us the suspected identity of ‘’rioters’’ on the spot. What is bias?? That is bias!!