We Hope to See a Partial Deal Between U.S., China, Says Covenant Capital’s CIO

Oct.07 — Edward Lim, chief investment officer at Covenant Capital, discusses the U.S.-China trade negotiations and where he sees them heading. He speaks on “Bloomberg Market: Asia.”

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  1. Any politition before Trump could have helped America by doing this. None of them cared enough about this country to do anything at all. A long line of trash and losers before Trump. Even if you hate him you have to admit it helps American unless you are blinded by stupidity and hatred. Either way you dont matter to anyone before him.

  2. China isn’t and won want a deal. Because they aren’t not welling to stop to steal. It’s been in the chinese culture for years. What makes people think that they will be welling to give that up. There has been hundreds of films and broadcasts on every major network for years, showing first hand the amount of theft done by the communist party and the people of China. And yet till today they are still at it. They estimate that 80 percent of all knockoffs are made and sold from China. So that’s wishful thinking in everyone’s part.

  3. Looks like market analysts are serial optimists. I keep hearing time and time again since the trade war started that there will be a deal. And now a partial deal but so far it still has not materialised? On the contrary, it escalated. Why are these people ever so optimistic I wonder?