They’ve won nothing!

talkSPORT’s Ian Abrahams says having 52,000 fans does NOT mean the Tyneside outfit are a big club

talkSPORT’s Ian ‘The Moose’ Abrahams has finally settled the debate about whether Newcastle United are a big club.

And the answer, according to Moose, is a resounding ‘NO!’.

Are Newcastle a big club?

Are Newcastle a big club?

Discussing the subject on Monday’s Jim White show, Moose insisted Newcastle cannot be a big club as they haven’t won a major honour since the 1950s – and no, the 2006 Intertoto Cup does NOT count as a major honour.

Going even further, Moose suggested the only reason the 52,000 capacity St James’ Park is full to the rafters on a Saturday afternoon is because there isn’t anything else to do in Newcastle!

Moose said: “Everybody keeps telling me what a big club Newcastle are, like Leeds… ‘Leeds are a big, big club’.

“At least Leeds have won the title in the last 30 years.

“Newcastle, since I’ve been born, have won NOTHING – not a thing!

“Since colour television was invented… zilch!

“Jim said ‘they’re a big club, they get 50,000 people [at matches]’, but what else is there to do in Newcastle?

“Some smart alec sent me a review from TripAdvisor about what there is to do in Newcastle. I looked at it; I think there’s one art gallery and a few parks to walk around.

“‘Whoopee! I won’t go to the football and I’ll walk round the park’.

“Sorry, I stick with what I said: yes, they get a lot of people through the gate – I’m not denying that – but that doesn’t make you a big club. Just because you get 52,000 people through the gate when there’s practically nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon!”

You can watch the full rant below…


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