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  1. WTF!! Get your fact right, NOBODY voted for Theresa May for PM, she was given the job by David Cameron. She was voted by the politicians in her own party to be the new Tory leader, that is all! When David Cameron handed in his notice we should have had a general election ASAP! It's not politicians job to vote in a new PM, that's the job for the British people. After this next election it's a save bet she will be out of number 10. She was useless as Home Secretary, and worse as PM. The reason she didn't call for a general election the day she was given the job as PM or trigger article 50, show wanted to stay in power so she could have time to put her plan into play for trying to keep us in the eu. Remember, she has always been a staunch supporter of staying in the eu, this is one of the reasons she shouldn't have been PM. Since taking office she has put many obstacles in the way for us pulling out of the eu. Theresa May, like most of our politicians is NOT PATRIOTIC toward Britain, the eu yes! As for all this "seat" crap when voting, we should have a democratic voting system of one person one vote, the political party with the most "Single" votes wins. That is called democracy. We should also outlaw the act of handing over votes to another party to help them win.

  2. The tragedy of Mrs May's premiership that it is crumbling due to her ineptitude and fear. She is so determined to follow the path of the career politician, that she fails, as all career politicians, to see the big picture, and the necessity to see the policies through to carry out the will of the people, in this case, to leave the European Union. There is a running commentary on why we should stay in that Union, all conducted by those whose concerns are their own benefit, not the peoples', and in bending under this pressure, the habitual practice of the European Union to ignore or override the democratic will of the people. The average man in the street has never benefitted from the European Union. Who have benefitted from the Union are those whose voices are continuing the remain narrative. Ex ministers and lackeys who fear the loss of exhorbitant pensions, and also possible perks if Britain is fooled into re-joining the EUSSR. What we need is the leadership of strong and clear minded Brexiteers, usually male voices. What we do not need is a leader paralysed by fear. If you try to please all the people all the time, you end up pleasing nobody. Shape up or ship out Mrs May.

  3. How will your life be better after we leave the EU? For me and many British citizens, we've just lost the right to freely live and work in 31 other European countries.

  4. What has happened to the 500,000 students that had two voting cards, One delivered to their house and the other to the university that they are registered, has everyone forgotten that. Inquest is needed, the EU has lots to answer for.

  5. I am a conservative. Unfortunately I accept that we did have a very bad election campaign, personally i blame how Theresa may was advised by nick timothy and Fiona hill, but ovcourse Theresa may did have a part to play in that. But in my eyes even though she isn't the best campaigner, i still think that she is the best at leading this country, and i think she should hold on to the next general election that i personally would hold in 3 years time after brexit and after a nice period of stability. were she can fight that general election, in the knowledge that she cant take the people for granted. And come out with a good end to austerity manifesto. I believe she is handling the circumstances extremely well, and i believe she will learn from this, and win us back our majority in the next election. Bare in mind that after that election, labour has lots of vulnerable seats, such as kensington, were they have a majority of just 20. It will be quite easy to reclaim those seats even if we just have an OK election campaign.

  6. 1992: Labours Neil Kinnock got 271 seats, admitted defeat and did the honourable thing and resigned as leader of the Labour Party.

    1979: Labours James Callaghan got 269 seats, admitted defeat and did the honourable thing and resigned as leader of the Labour Party.

    2017: Labours Jeremy Corbyn gets a 262 seats, loses election but claims victory and ask the party with the most seats to resign

  7. where's your fucking evidence – saying a Labour government is going to start a recession STUPID ARGUMENT

    let me ask you a question: Ever been in real financial trouble as a child. Ever had to worry about where you might get your next meal?

  8. Even if JC is a way off from a majority he still gained seats from the Conservative party and the only way that the conservatives are clinging onto power is because they gained seats in Scotland. The lesson that should be learned is that the Gov should not take people votes for granted and not to produce one of the worst campaigns and manifestos ever produced by a conservative Gov. When it comes to tuition fees in the long run it costs the UK gov more money because they have to write off the debt with the interest acquired over the 30 years plus, so it costs the gov more.

  9. Brexit is bad for young people in college, they cold easily study and live in European countries, now that's in jeopardy depending on the Brexit outcome. We don't care about trade and the overall economy because it doesn't affect us (now).

    The Tory DUP alliance shouldn't be happening, if this was Labour and Sinn Féin (I know it would never happen) it would be chaos, media all over it for weeks, because it would undermine the peace process. This is very similar…

  10. Policy Britain like the circus and clowns.Blair and six of Bush, the
    grandfather of which supplied spare parts,and fuel to the Nazis that
    they killed more British soldiers !,Cameron who supported the U.S.
    against Assad and gave you a wave of immigrants,terrorists may which can
    only shake the air, and to declare an empty Declaration !! Hold YOU
    fools !! Boris Johnson is a drug addict and pedophile !!

  11. in Manchester arrested a 15th suspect in the terrorist attack ? Are you that sick ??? Catch the CIA agents that are operating YOU have in Europe, who came up with ISIS,that would in Europe have been a permanent terror ! ,You can thank Obama who invented the ISIS, has provided and is now providing military aid to ISIS ,the liar who lied to You all these years !!! Syria and Assad ,Russia and fighting ISIS alone !!Is not it clear that the threat to the WORLD is the USA !!??? If you fall of the Assad government,then YOU EUROPEANS will drown in blood and terror !!! Millions of refugees will come to YOU!!…….YOU probably suicidal ,or just thick-headed !!! And the United States require more spending on NATO,will feed the
    American military industry ! YOU have no sovereignty !! YOU SLAVES !!

  12. LONG LIVE CORBYN! This is just the beginning you blood sucking capitalist fucks. The reason TM still got so many votes is for 1 reason and 1 reason alone: Brexit. Once the electorate realise we are screwed no matter who handles it we shall witness even more blue seats turn red. Your party has been exposed for what it really is and now going to bed with the DUP really is the ultimate of self-destruction's. Popcorn on the ready.

  13. Stop the insanity. Muslims want to kill you, why the fuck would you let them into your country. You wont have a country left if the immigration continues. Sweden is lost. France is lost. Get with the program and fight the suicide.

  14. Corbyn's social spending plans are credible, they work in places like Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Germany In the UK too many people are convinced by "magic money tree" voodoo economics. The UKs GDP has been increasing since the 1960's exponentially but successful generation are worse off, so were is the money going? probably off-shore.