What Happens To The Human Body In Space

Space is a dangerous, unfriendly place not particularly suited for human life, yet astronauts are sent to the International Space Station every year. From exposure to high levels of radiation to surviving in microgravity conditions, space can be a tough place to live. Here’s what living in space does to the human body.

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What Happens To The Human Body In Space

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. We


    No business

    Being in space.

    Send probes with robot humanoid android drones with cameras and total human emulation,and explore the universe with a avatar VR holodeck
    Directing Robot Astronauts…..
    from earth!

    Intergalactic Space travel is an inevitable impossibility… unfortunately. People who try to colonize planet's….

    Wil ALL Die.

    We are earthlings on a molecular level.we were designed and created for Earth and Earth only.
    Get over it.

  2. Space Kills human bodies, in seconds. We are not talking about the effects of Space here. The effects they are discussing in this presentation involve what happens when you go live in a cheap trailer trash Space Habitat for any extended period of time. The fact that Humans have been making these tin cans and have failed to build something big enough to spin and provide artificial gravity should be pointed out at every opportunity, and that is what this is. Yes, If you go live in a weightless environment you are not only dumb but you will lose muscle and bone mass.
    It's time we man up and build a wheel in the sky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7f5za5tz3w

  3. I don't know about your body but mine would finally enjoy some peace and quiet. I imagine fat people would enjoy the effects of space more than others. Primarily because they are the ones in society who are most harmed by gravity.

  4. Two questions for anyone capable of answering them, please: If we move in slow motion in zero gravity bc we are weightless, why do all of the Apollo astronauts also move in slow motion, despite the moon's gravity being 1/6th that of the earth's? The same weight is lighter but why would something like walking, driving or waving an arm, be in slow motion? And, in looking at Apollo footage recently, I came across a clip called: Hammer retreival, Apollo 16 [sic] – Just watch it. He drops a hammer and then makes repeated, higher and higher jumps upward in his attempt to grab it. Why couldn't he just drop down, on one knee?

  5. the #1 problem for reaching Mars is actually bone density loss due to lack of gravity. The duration of the journey is so long that a human will have irreversible damage to their bones. How did they miss that..?