This video looks in a Corbyn Govt, what it would do and what Britain would look like, it looks at official Labour party policy. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this one…


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  1. Will British working class Christians feel bewildered now the Labour Party deem anti-Semitism an abhorrence? Their Holy Bible tells them that Israel is the beast of Revelation (666) and that the Jewish State is the great red dragon of Revelation (Devil and Satan). Scripture says these two nations (Israel and Judah) are implacable opponents of Christianity marked for destruction along with Jerusalem (the whore of Revelation) and Paul (the false prophet of Revelation) because they have deceived the world. Is it wrong of politicians to expect Christians to embrace what their religion says is evil out to deceive them and the rest of the human race?

  2. Stephen with the education and money you have do something useful put it towards the nhs and do something useful instead of promoting a non caring Conservative party take some advise from someone in the Labour Party who knows better stop wasting your time

  3. This video should have been called "Self identified Brexiteer wants to be a political analyst but totally drops the ball" seriously dude, give up because you are so out of touch with the changing zeitgeist of the U.K. 😂😂😂

  4. I really can't understand the people who voted leave only to vote Labour the year after! I voted remain but am a conservative, and voted accordingly. Remainers who voted Labour, at least they have a consistent argument and ideological standpoint, same with the leavers who voted Tory. Those who voted leave only to vote Labour voted leave then to take away the power the Brexit team really needed to negotiate the terms many leave Labour supporters voted for – chiefly control over free movement. Am not an expert in negotiations but you enter a negotiation demanding 75/25 the other party demanding the same then agreeing to a 50/50 compromise, the UK cannot do that as parliament will not allow it! It is in Labour's interest to cause problems for the Brexit team for their own gain! In short in it all very bad for the counry. As patronising as it sounds, "Labour leavers" seem more interested in just arguing against the tide than thinking about the consequences of how they vote; they are intellectually very superficial.

  5. The NHS is on it’s way to ruin and the public sectors are suffering because of a Tory government and companies such as amazon are treating there workers like animals making them work for ages with less than the minimum wage that is what a Tory government can do and has done

  6. For the years up until the next GE I'm saving hard to get out of the Pound in time and leave the UK for good or until the UK comes to its senses after a Corbyn win. Mercifully, my home and family are not based in the UK or Europe and I'll be spending a lot more time with them.

  7. Ur just a hater on labour
    Do u want a prime minister that is so narrow-minded to go into co imission wth a party that hates gays,Islam and wants to create a hard wall between Northern Ireland and the rest? I'm guessing no (Theresa may)
    If u have children u would vote labour bc then at least ur children can go to university

  8. corbynista yoncker shults sturgeon fishy woman castro che pudding head merkel hollande trudeau faggot machaon faggot (girlfriends, commie girlfriends) OH MY FUCK half of Britain are benefit scrounging commie lovin gullible dumbclucks nice enjoy more muzzies stupids         GO PRESIDEBNT TRUMP       RESPECT FROM A FREE INDEPENDENT UK (for the time being).

  9. "We already have a historically low unemployment rate"
    Dude, most of the new jobs created to lower this figure are low paying or zero hour contracts, so this isn't true.

  10. labour will fuck over the country learn economics. hes promised so much which he cant do. independent economists say he will put the uk into 250 billion pounds of debt. he keeps going back on his word about things such as trident. all he is doing is trying to get votes he doesnt care about anyone