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What is the conservative solution to healthcare reform?

What is the conservative solution to healthcare reform?

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  1. The constitutional solution to healthcare is to get government all the way out of the healthcare business. The majority of politicians don't know anything about healthcare anyway.

    Why put them in charge of making our healthcare decisions? It's quite apparent that politicians don't know anything about budgeting either. Why put them in charge of our budgetary decisions?

  2. I have been pondering this issue a lot. I'm not sure if my idea is feasible but why not allow people to open health savings accounts for routine healthcare like annual exams and then allow people to get a low cost catastrophic health plan through private insurance companies by opening up competition across state lines and internationally for cheaper medications.

  3. How about this one simple thing. Allow ALL insurance companies to compete in all states. Only takes a stroke of the pen. We only have two choices where I live. Then have public disclosure of prices. And have caps on prices. My wife worked in utilization review and they were told to just pick a price. And lastly, why does an individual get charged more than the Insurance company. If the hospital is willing to accept a lower payment from the insurance company then they should be able to accept that from any individual.

  4. Allow people to buy into the State or Federal Insurance Programs or make every Citizen a Virtual Employee of the State with all the benefits. Ya, know the ones the Tax Payers are footing the bill for and pay for it the same way we pay for Government and the Military. Or is Government and the Military; Socialism and Communism, because of the way we pay for it collectively and it not driven by Capitalism and making a Profit?

    The Problem with Medical Care, Insurance, and Big Pharma is that it is all Profit Driven and not out of Love, Care and Compassion. The Good Samaritan, Generosity the virtue and one of the fruits of the Spirit, Greed one of the 7 Carnal fruits of the flesh.

    The Love of Money, not the love for our Neighbors, the Parents, and their children, Family Values. Our fellow Americans, providing for the General Welfare by not creating a Welfare State or Federal Govt. A Helping Hand and a Ladder, not a handout.

    The idea that we can label Single Payer, Socialism or Communism, is the same thing Christianity does to demonize everything, not them. Still, the prime directive is Profit, 10% of a person's Gross life's wages going into the coffers once a week. The Promise, you will burn without this Insurance and only We, pick a denomination, can save you from the Curse of the God of it, that judges people according to their beliefs and Faith in it (brainwashing & programming), not their works, that the law uses to judge peoples behavior.

    As long as you are a Christian, goes the argument, you can do whatever you want and this God wants you to be rich. Just believe and all is forgiven, hidden, covered-up, and kept secret, the very thing the Christians have done with the Government.

    Grace Only not the rule of law, says the Lawmaking, Judging, and Enforcing Christians running Our Governments. God sees Capitalist Christians as Perfect "Wealth = Righteousness, no matter how bad and evil their works, the promise.

    Unfortunately, Christ says to judge the Devils by their works but they believe the Good Shepherd is the one deceived by Wolves washing in his blood and wearing the Lambswool.


  6. cut the amount that insurance receive. For the most part of working americans have had health care insurance for the most part of our life. Big money was paid to insurance companies for insurance that 95% of us never used and the insurance companies made out like bandits. Then when we retire they drop us and this is when we need the coverage and they take the money and run. Payback for all money they took should come back to help us but it's to late they spent it on brick building good retirement benefits for their own and on the lobbyist to make the biggest empire in the country .

  7. Are you kidding, BCPs did not cause significant cost. Most companies already covered it.
    Blame viagara and all the meds from ppl abusing their bodies over eating and lack of movement!

  8. No one ever talks about the cost of healthcare itself. I got an itemized list after my son was born and was shocked. I know that they have to pay the doctors, nurses and such and make a profit, but the cost was ridiculous. This was over 30 years ago. One Tylenol was $3. A quart of water was $25. I wonder how much that stuff is now.

  9. The expensive costs have been there for nearly 20 years, long before the ACA. The costs are out of control and it won't be too much longer before you see more and more people without coverage as employers pass more of the cost increases to their health plans onto their employees. The ACA allows insurance companies to charge a person up tp 3 times what the insurance company would normally charge just because an individual is older. So, if a younger person has a bronze plan that costs $300 a month with a $12000 a year deductible, the insurance can charge an older person $900 a month for the same plan. When the conservatives were trying to fix health coverage awhile back, they wanted to increase what the insurance could charge an older person to 5 times the going rate. How is that fixing healthcare? For a fairly good silver plan, you are looking at $1000+ a month ( for a married couple) if you have to pay the whole cost of the health plan yourself. How many people realize the costs they pay on their employers healthcare plan is only a fraction of the total costs their employer actually pays.

    According to International, out of 11 countries ranked on overall healthcare, the U.K. was near the top of the list while the U.S.A. was last at number 11. When viewed on a world basis, the U.K. was number 18 on the list while the U.S.A. was number 37. According to these statistics, the U.K.'s overall socialized healthcare system ranked higher than the U.S.A.'s. That doesn't mean that U.S.A. didn't do better in some areas such as cancer treatments which the U.S.A. was ranked higher than the U.K.

    When you hear about "free healthcare" it is not free. I think they mean that in the U.K. when you go to the doctor you do not pay up front at the time of the visit but you will pay a percentage of your pay check in taxes which then goes towards the U.K.'s national healthcare system and while drivers in England pay around $10,00 (U.S.) a gallon for gas, a large portion of that is a tax, which in part, also goes towards Englands national healthcare system ( I only concentrated on England. I am not sure what the rest of the U.K. spends for gas). That is how you pay for "free" socialized medicine. Also, even though the U.K. has socialized medicine you can still purchase private insurance if you want and can afford it. Well, at least in England. I'm not sure about NHS Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

    I guess the bottom line is healthcare in the U.S. is going to be complicated to fix and all of us need to face the fact that it isn't going to be cheap either. We are going to be paying more in taxes or straight out of pocket costs.

  10. Want to be healthy? Don't pay any attention to the medical profession, eat like our ancestor's , eat nothing from a box, cut out sugar, and corn syrup, get the brain off dependence of sugar as a energy source, and eat good fats, meats, fish, nutrient dense foods, learn the herbs of the field, don't spend too much time on YouTube, read and meditate, Converse with the ALMIGHTY. Doctor's provide medical care, not health care.

  11. Corp Gov. Health Care = Kill You faster Leave Us Alone Free The Weed Stop The Fluoride In The Water Stop GMO Food Tell The Truth Do Not Cook Or Heat In Micro Wave Oven

  12. Build the wall. I say this because I went to an urgent care because I had the flu. Total bill was $2700.00 thanks to the illegals that come here use our hospitals and don't pay there bill.

  13. More government departments need to be like the US post office – generate their own revenue and compete with the free market (like USPS does with fedex and UPS). If the government wants to be in charge of healthcare, they shouldn't get rid of private insurance or use tax money to throw into a black hole. They should open their own insurance (start with tax money), build their own business model, then generate revenue like private insurance does, and pay back the tax money.

  14. Every time I watch one of the many videos about health care solutions I always imagine Rand Paul in the background saying "association health plans. Instead of us bowing to the insurance companies they will bow to us. Competition for group business will drive the cost down" for the millionth time. It is the most brilliant idea, but of course, insurance companies with bought politicians won't be able to continue to rape families of their savings like they do now, so it probably will not happen.

  15. when i worked for a medium size school district (25,000 students) we had an insurance department the size of an elementary school. why should school districts and businesses have to be in the insurance business? why should government be in the insurance business? the role of government should be nothing more than oversight and arbitration.

  16. U.S. is 22 trillion in dept. Half or more of everything you make goes to insurance. They make it LAW we have to buy this shit! And they STILL advertise! It FUCKS up our taxes! And we still have NOTHING to fuckin show for it! FUCK off die! That will be your healthcare plan! You goddamn useless conservative BITCH!

  17. the simple truth is that health care would be orders of magnitude cheaper if there were no such thing as health care insurance. people used to pool their money at the work place or with any organization i.e. rotary club and pay for their needs. worked great for everyone except the doctors because if they were not up to scratch they got fired and replaced.

  18. One of the main problems with this country, is people believe in the health care system, and it's gone rouge!!! It is now owned by the pharmaceutical companies and all they care about is money. They are heavily connected with the NWO and keeping us healthy and alive is the last thing their worried about!!!

  19. If you could go to one end of town and get an MRI or two hundred bucks or go to the other end of town where it's $900 but you're not given that information they monopolized the medical field…

  20. Pharmacist and doctors have a written agreement if a medicine cost $900 and the pharmacist knows there's a medicine that's equal to it and it only cost fifty bucks he's not allowed to tell you that!!!

  21. The U.S. has no history of Christian alms-giving, hospitals and 'good-Samaritan' institutions that grew over the centuries in Europe.
    So it's understandable that such a national scheme is hard to accept.
    'Work pays'.
    Work is unnatural, as is capitalism.
    Caring for others…human right.