Donald Trump and Theresa May met within a week of Trump’s inauguration citing a revived ‘special relationship’. It turns out it has a long history…

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  1. We all know this works 1 way . That's the UK 🇬🇧 babysitting the American 🇱🇷 cowards .
    After the 2nd half of ww2 as the first half the yanks 🇱🇷 were to gutless to fight and only did so because the nips made them fight .
    Britain 🇬🇧 started ww2 by sniffing around other people's garbage . Britain 🇬🇧 begs the yanks 🇱🇷 to stand side by side with us . But the yanks 🇱🇷 were just too gutless .
    Anyway after ww2 the yanks 🇱🇷 bought Britains 🇬🇧 loyalty by loaning Britain 🇬🇧 the money to rebuild Britain 🇬🇧 on the grounds that Britain always babysits the cowardly USA 🇱🇷 .
    That load was paid off at the end of the Blair days .
    So why do we continue to grovel up to these cowardly terrorists .?
    Easy because we haven't had a prime minister with any backbone since Margaret Thatcher .
    Blair ' Cameron and may are just poodles to the USA 🇱🇷 .
    Both countries are cowards and terrorists who only pick on countries who can't fight back !
    The USA 🇱🇷 hasn't gone to war with anybody who can fight back since Vietnam where they got leathered .
    Britain 🇬🇧 started ww2 and Russia had to end it
    Look how Trump was gonna annihilate NK and his arsehole fell out 😆 May tried to play the tough nut and threatened to start a war against Russia and her arsehole fell out 😆
    Britain 🇬🇧 is the poodle 🐩 puppet of the USA 🇱🇷
    And every time America 🇱🇷 gets another president .? They get an even bigger warmongering coward 😪 And every time the UK 🇬🇧 gets another prime minister – they get an even bigger arselicker poodle 🐩 in power
    But one day Russia will end up flattening the USA 🇱🇷 and the UK 🇬🇧 The USA 🇱🇷 will always manipulate Britain 🇬🇧 as long as Britain 🇬🇧 is stupid enough to babysit cowards

  2. Why england is a separate nation and spending billions of dollars on government?? Shouldn't it be formally declared as a 51st state of USA as it has always at the mercy of secret fund of USA after it spended all wealths that it took from India,Germany, African nations, etc. before and after the world wars??

  3. A FKN joke is what this is . This only works one way
    That's the UK Grovelling up to and wiping the arses of the BIGGEST TERRORIST COWARDLY BIG HEADS on the planet

    The sooner the UK gets a PM WITH A BACKBONE and fks the USA off .? The fkn better

  4. Obama does not represent the US. The albeit small votes he got just because he was black pushed him into success. I hate how race comes into play because of American history. As a foreigner he was just a bad president, not a terrible president with all things considered, but a bad president. I believe Romney could have done something greater.

  5. The USA is the sort of friend you need to give a GOOD SLAP every now and then, just remind them, that there do not have all the answers, And though there fiscally bigger then you, it dose not mean there are better than you

  6. The special relationship has to end because we came to the west to get away from Britain.
    Having Britain the evil empire shoved down our throats every 5min is terrorism.
    I'm not interested in a relationship of any kind with a durdy red coat.
    1776 can commence again.

  7. The special relationship started when the USA gave nuclear weapons to the British, the special relationship is uncomplicated, and it is the USA tells the brits to jump and the Brits answer how high. It doesn't work the other way around.

  8. The whole "Obama removed the Churchill bust due to political differences" claim was proven false. You should fact check yourself before putting out these videos. The bust that was "removed" was only loaned to the US for Bush's 8 years and then was repossessed by the British sculptor Jacob Epstein.

    But there are actually 2 Churchill busts that resided in the White House during Bush's terms. Dan Pfeiffer confirms that the other Churchill bust has resided in the White Hosue since the 1960s.

  9. I just wish we could get Russia onboard too, there are enough enemies around to create new ones. They were allies during WW2 and have not really done anything since WW2, and that was Stalin's fault. Perestroika was a bold move that benefited everyone, the reversal of it is not helping anyone.