What people REALLY think about US Huawei Ban PRESSURE

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  1. China is not going to
    compromise anymore, US government is too stupid, arrogant, and knows nothing
    about Chinese and Chinese history. China has spoken out the most serious
    phrase—NEVER SAY I DID NOT TELL YOU BEFORE, China ever said this phrase four
    times in history, first is before Korea war–year 1950, Second before war with
    India–year 1962, third before war with Soviet Union–year 1971, and lastly,
    before war with Vietnam–year 1979. This time round is not a military war, but
    is a war worst than the four wars before, the wars before was only limited in s
    small territory, but this so called trade war, technology war involve the
    survival, development of the whole China in a long run, we know Chinese does
    not behave like US, Chinese will not change anything if they have promised in
    the agreement, US can tear down the agreement anything they like, so China is
    in fact no point negotiate with such a nonsense government anymore, and is
    practicing all possibility to teach US government a good lesson, this lesson
    will be the same as the four wars before, China win, the other party lose, just
    "wait and see".

  2. $1000 for a monitor stand really? Before you know it, the new iPhones will replace the lighting port with USB-C, & the official apple cables would be sold separately at $100 with the fast charging brick not included.

  3. If you make tighter local rules, then Huawei needs to comply with these new rules. The problem is that Huawei IS complying with the local laws and regulations of the USA (we still have not been given any evidence of lawbreaking) and they still got banned. THIS is illegal on the USA's part.