What People REALLY think of the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro...

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily Recap as we go through your top comments for our hottest news last week.

Pocketnow Daily videos:
– What We’re NOT Getting On the iPhone 11…

– EVERYTHING You Need to Know about Apple’s iPhone 11 Event!

– Huawei Mate 30 Pro Specs Leaked! (with Android 10?)

– Gaming on Google Pixel 4 FINALLY Worth It?!

– The OnePlus 7T Series is Looking… Ok.

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  1. Recaps are great.. Please keep them going. And don't bother about a second channel of Pocketnow.
    But you can create a 'Jaime Rivera Channel' for the 'Phone Reviews' and solve the 'too many videos' problem to some extent.

  2. OMG.. 😯😯😯
    My comment got 'published'.
    The very first one..!!
    Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh.. ✨✨✨
    (never thought Diego is the boss of Jaime😁)
    Gracias por prestar atención a mi comentario Señores Jaime y Diego.

  3. Not sure why everyone makes a big deal about the 64GB. Now don’t get me wrong yes I love the extra space but I checked my space used and I have only used 15GB on my 126GB phone and most of that’s all my pictures which I have a feeling most people do as well. I have the iPhone 10S and preordered the IPhone 11 pro MAXX can’t wait this battery SUX I’m having to charge it at least 2 times a day if I’m using it.

  4. i think the black background (thats normally apart of the camera bump) is apart of the ring around the lenses. During all the leaks this really built the hype around the cam sensors being larger but i dont think they r

  5. Been a sub since the beginning. The recap especially in the longer format 10min + is one of my favorite things about the channel. Not sure what the solution is but please keep doing it! Btw I never watch the podcast.