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What Republicans can learn from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

What Republicans can learn from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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  1. Governor DeSantis needs to give some lessons to the RINO Marco Rubio on how to be a good Republican. I voted for Rubio , now I wish I hadn't he is a traitor to the gun owners of the USA with his horrible red flag law garbage. I just learned that he voted to block President Trump's emergency declaration, he will not be in office for long , history shows if you don't listen to your constituents you won't survive long in office.

  2. Florida Republicans are on a roll. We just elected our (great) former Governor Rick Scott to the Senate… and replaced him with Ron DeSantis in Tallahassee. Ok… we still have Marco Rubio… but nobody's perfect. This will probably be Marco's last term in office… though probably not by his own choosing.

  3. California needs the same direction as Florida is going. Travis Allen for our next governor of CA either this year or before Donald J. Trump's next election. Erin Cruz, a Republican candidate who supports Donald J. Trump, is leading the recall to get Gavin Newsom and his corrupt cronies out of office and in prison right where they belong!!!!!

  4. I would LOVE to have a governor like DeSantis here in Virginia instead of the lying black face pediatric neurologist who wants to kill babies AFTER birth, his rapist sidekick lieutenant governor and black faced AG! How much worse can it get, I wanna know?!?

  5. Good job Governor DeSantis. Now all you have to do is walk back all of those draconian anti – gun laws and restrictions that former Governor Scott and the state legislature implemented after the Parkland school shooting , especially the one where one must be 21 to buy a rifle.

  6. I send this out to all GOP governors, state senators, and state representatives. Learn from Governor DeSantis and implement the tactics he's using in your states and districts.

  7. Global economy= THE 3rd WORLD WAR.
    NO🇨🇳MILITARY without🇨🇳Human Rights.
    China & Russia genocide any population that's against🇨🇳or🇷🇺military expansion.
    🇨🇳out murders Hitler and Stalin combined.
    Obama’s🐵trade deficits paid4🇨🇳's military.
    Cripple🇨🇳's economy cripples🇨🇳's military. Seize U.S. China assets 2pay4🇨🇳 IP theft's.

  8. A governor who believes and trusts his/her people is a rare thing in 2019, we definitely need more who are like DeSantis, provided he doesn't screw the pooch like the lying democrats do everywhere they rule.