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  1. They didn’t do themselves any favours, they just highlighted the fact that they do nothing important as nobody noticed! A day without men, the electricity would be off, they’re would be no running water food deliveries wouldn’t turn up, shelves would be empty, no petrol. It would be catastrophic and if it went on for more than a few days they’re would be mass deaths. I think these women need to realise how privileged they are, it would take a day without men to show that, but men will never do that, because it would be then who would carry the burden of fixing the damage the next day.

  2. a day wihtout women is a day that will be peace and quiet a day wihtout men is the day of the quick colalps of everything now everything is collapsing slowy but if men go on strike for 1 day we will make it collaps IMMIDIATLY

  3. How about a Sabbath Day?  Hell, even barbers take off on Mondays.  Just essential services, like hospitals, EMS and NFL.  JK about the NFL, that's just a high-form of consumerism.  How about doing volunteer work for those in true need, at least once a week?  Shut off the internet for a day?  Blasphemy.

  4. You know I feel like the women who actually had successful, productive and valuable jobs never got behind that thing. Probably because they're actually decent, hardworking, and intelligent people who have better more meaningful shit to do.

  5. Men, let us all coordinate our vacation time, and take a week off society with paid leave. 9 days straight without men working and see what happens. No garbage collection. No facebook. All cell towers would go down and stay down. Traffic would jam due to no maintenance.

    No home building. Electricity would go out due to no maintenance. No home repairmen. No auto mechanics. No police, no order in society. No military. Literally everything feminists say about men would fall apart, and they would stand in the streets screaming and begging us to restart the society they choose not to run.

  6. Before I write this post, I must say that I truly value, respect, and appreciate everything that true hard-working devoted women provide to the world that I myself am privileged to reap the benefits of. That being said….

    A day without Men:
    No police force. No fire fighters. No construction workers. No sanitation workers. No military force. Factories close. Basic infrastructure begins eroding. Harvesting natural resources, mining, and oil drilling come to a halt. Logistical operations such as truck driving and inventory management slow to a crawl. Mechanical shops close. Electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and other forms of maintenance workers are absent. The country loses billions of dollars in revenue from cancelled major sporting events. Beer and tobacco sales plummet. Etc, Etc.