What Will Happen When Earth's North And South Pole Flip?

Earth’s magnetic field is what protects our planet from harmful space radiation. However, our protective shield might soon go into a transformation that could threaten the lives on Earth. This video shows what will happen when Earth’s magnetic poles flip.

Special thanks to Alanna Mitchell: https://www.amazon.com/Spinning-Magnet-Electromagnetic-Created-World/dp/110198516X

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  1. Our world is a living system. Tectonics, magma displacement and fluxuation in the magnetosphere will ultimately result in a cataclysm that has been predicted to happen in 2025. Why do you think there's an arctic seed vault and 131 deep underground bases? Get ready…

  2. Where is that guy now? When a few years back I said I had an idea that this is what happened to the dinosaurs. And all the people that laughed when I said the earth was going to flip… Huh? Huh? Laugh now muthas!

  3. An Air Mass , warm and specially cold happens to stay in place not just because of Earth´s orientation towards the sun but mainly because of the magnetic field which keeps it inside a zone. If a flip in magnetic poles happens the first thing to becomes observable would be the hugh masses of cold air being displaced from one Earth location to another .

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