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What You Need to Know About the College Cheating Scandal

What You Need to Know About the College Cheating Scandal

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. IMHO the problem is that in the US a university education is perceived as a personal asset not as a national asset. If it were the brightest kids would get to compete for the top grades, and few would have the time or the drive to do another student's homework.

  2. The tangled web, all connected back twenty five years! Going to college is not about education, it's about "connections" to the top! That's how leftist crony capitalism works! All these hot journalists on leftist programming: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC AND ON AND ON couldn't pass an SAT TEST if their lives depended on it! This leftist Ivy League hoax has been going on for years. Are you surprised at their allegiance to corruption? Via money and fucking, they have greased the skids, finding their way into "connections!" Male and female leftists "on both sides" of the isle, are and have been in it up to their eyebrows; they can't afford for Trump to drain the swamp! What's tragic is, leftist, progressives believe this corrupt Cabal and vote accordingly! They either can't pass an SAT (STUPID) or they love the corrupt socialist hypocrisy! (EVIL) Look out, Here comes Don-k Trump-cy!

  3. SIMPLE RUSSIAN SOLUTION: LET OUR KG-GRU SLEEPERS AND MOLES TAKE OUT AND OFF David hogg quietly or make him disappear, then rumors will come out he is manually digging coal using picks, shovels, and wheel barrows in one of our Arctic Island open coal pit gulags.

  4. The Big Universities today just proves that even if you have the intelligence of Einstein or Newton, it doesn't matter, in their eyes they just see someone from a poor background. They only want kids from the wealthy and powerful elite, even if the kids are as dumb as a doorknob, but then again, even a doorknob can be for useful.

  5. I begin to wonder if all this socialism being pushed isn't more smoke and mirrors for more cover up of BS like this , how much more is there and that's why they hate Trump because they new they would be exposed in all these crimes .

  6. Elizabeth Warren reveals the sinful mind of sinful man, where she is most guilty of her accusations. This was famous in Prohibition, the Temperance Movement was started by people with drinking problems or had family with drinking problems, and it is their sin, and they caused the Constitution to change in unpopular law to claim that sin is in your bottle of whiskey. Pastor Billy Graham said it, you can hitch your horse at the Saloon or at the Church, but it is really your choice, and not anybody else's fault: In America, we are supposed to have those choices, and look at the people who take their Saloon problems and burn it down in unforgiving selfishness, by blaming the bottle for sin, and not the human heart.

  7. What's up, Hollywood Stars: your kids can't pass their own SATs?
    – – –
    Jade gets in by fraud & has no plan to actually get an education, eh? F@wk the poor folk who worked hard to get in, but got passed-up for the likes of a Jade.*
    * = they now have a right to feel "Jaded," eh?

  8. Fake test takers, fake medical diagnosis to facilitate the fake test takers, photoshopped sports photos, reporting for the sport and fake injuries and these criminals are going to get a pass, didn't they sign their application. That bimbo who doesn't care about classes thought she got a good enough score to get into USC. She thought she excelled at sculling. She thought her head belonged on the picture if another athlete. She thought she had an injury to prevent her from rowing. She thought she had a medical condition that entitled her to private proctoring of her SAT. Now you think I'm stupid!
    If your parents are RESPONSIBLE for leading you to a vast criminal conspiracy when are we releasing all the poor kids who got a life sentence for selling crack on a corner at the behest of the parental figures in their life?
    Lawyers and financial officers of companies bribe, lie, cheat , file false income taxes but don't worry they would never do these things to get millions of dollars through fraud, theft, and deception!

  9. All the people outraged at elite hollywood types jumping the line to get their kids into colleges without merit…should be totally outraged by the "newcomers" (illegals) jumping the line into America!

  10. Colleges are a waste of time and money. The professors are just brain washing SJWs, many classes are pointless (like gender studies), and the debt is something that will haunt you for decades… unless you get a super, wonderful, high paying job right away and dig yourself out of debt quickly.

  11. So spot on. But you'll notice that the heads of the colleges and universities have insulated themselves against this fallout, and their coaches are taking the blame, while the remain uncharged. Anyone with common sense would know they knew and abetted it. So some will go to prison if they can't buy their way out of it, but the truly guilty will not.

  12. The curriculum is watered down. Anyone should be able to get a degree. Parents haven't given their children common sense.

    Go to a South Texas college or university and many of students write like third grade students. How can doctors and school administrators speak and write with double negatives?

  13. One thing for sure is those adult children need to lose all points they may have earned and everything they gained. Because the kids had to know. Also if I robbed a bank and gave the money to my adult kid.they should get to keep it because they didnt know.

  14. Feel thankful if you didn’t pay what they did for lies and deception! College is a scam! Look at all the stupid people that think they are smart! All over the place!

  15. Cheating is no longer seen as a serious problem. Rich and poor do it equally. Why shouldn't the schools cheat? Their students do. I'm surprised at all the feigned outrage at this story. This isn't a surprise to anyone. Everyone knows that money buys advantage. Everyone knows that the education system is a joke. My question is, "Why would you want to go to a school that sells admission to the highest bidder?"

  16. Four words: "Go to trade school." Colleges and Unis are not for you anymore. Students are a revenue sink. Business is in bed with colleges as they demand worthless degrees in trade for not having to fund their own research labs.