What's Going On With Huawei | Untangled

Huawei has had their CFO arrested, their hardware banned from US government use, and they are now suing the US government. Huawei has also lost carrier partners like AT&T and Verizon as they attempt to push into the US market. Huawei is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China but their phones like the Huawei P20 Pro and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are largely unknown in the US.

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What’s Going On With Huawei | Untangled

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. I think this is all related with 5G more than phones and privacy. Huawei is years ahead in 5G development and they are in a position of being an unavoidable company for next generation technology.

    The US is just buying time for their own companies to catch up and asking other countries to "wait for me", stirring the pot about privacy concerns, when they already showed the world they don't care about that.

    Just look how they will forget about this easily when their companies are compatitive enough in 5G technology.

    If your concerns are about security, why don't step up your game in security? I'm sure they are able to do so. It seems more related with money and hegemony in next generation tech.

  2. No govt explanation needed. China steals and hacks and exploits American weakness so openly and on a regular basis. I hope this ban remains, and in fact, I hope we expand it. Keep this trash out of America!

  3. Arresting someone from another country in another country for not following US crazy sanctions? So if Trump's family goes to China, they can get arrested for braking another countries sanctions they may have broken? It's like if Japan puts a sanction on Israel, when Trump's family goes to China then Japan can say hold them we are arresting them as they are doing business with Israel.

  4. from the release document we know that the US government tried to hack Huawei to get backdoor access to their devices. we can only conclude that they are resisting Huawei after their attempt because they failed in creating a backdoor that would allow them to spy on others. US knows that if her allies start using Huawei, they won't be able to spy on them like they did with Merkel, so they are trying to convince everyone that Huawei is bad. Germany's response to considering Huawei despite US "warning and threats" against it maybe a statement Germany is sending… "US need to stop spying on us and if we have to use Huawei to stop you, we will"

  5. Huawei as all Chinese companies BY LAW must provide spying capabilities so that the government can use the backdoors for their surveillance and stealing companies secrets.